Know the tone of your emails, without having to open them.

You get so many emails and each interaction carries a tone. By inferring how the recipient must feel from the email, sales reps can figure out the attitude of the customer and accordingly plan their next conversation. Zia scans the content of every email to predict either a positive, negative, or neutral tone, and gives a percentage of how much of the email conveys this tone. 

Identify angry customers.

Every now and then, an angry customer comes along. They need your immediate attention. Use Zia's email sentiment analysis to filter out the emails sent by those customers and get straight to the problem. 

Turn happy emails into happy customers.

Getting positive feedback is not only a reason to feel confident, but can also be a sign that it's time to close that major deal. Use the Advanced Filters to single out those emails.

Zia gets accurate with every email.

Zia comes with a default training module where she learns and corrects her sentiment analysis. You can also add your own data to the training modules and help improve Zia's efficiency.

Teach Zia your lingo.

Each business has its own jargon that implies either a positive or a negative tone. Zia learns that jargon when you add your own content or attaching emails to Zia's training module so she understands tones that relate to your business.