The AI-powered sales assistant.

Zia helps make the most of your Zoho CRM account, turning sales into an easy, smart experience. Zia is data intelligent, learning how each salesperson uses their account, from the data they enter to the strings of activities they perform everyday. She provides performance-based interpretations, solutions and predictions, for your sales team and individual reps. With Zia, stay on top of every activity, even the ones you didn't know were important.

Zia understands how your business works.

Trend analysis makes your pipeline healthy by carefully examining the activities that go into making a sale, in the form of intuitive reports and dashboards. These analytics show a timeline of how your business is expected to grow, compared to what you're actually doing. Know if you're doing better, or worse than expected and get an in-depth view of how each activity affects your sales.

Zia spots unexpected incidents, even before they happen.

Once Zia learns the trends in your sales process, she detects anomalies. Anomalies occur when your business is under-performing, or surpassing expectations. Zia pinpoints these irregularities, letting you decide to cut your losses, or build on the growth. Zia alerts the right salesperson involved, so they can address the issues that directly deal with their own performance.

Zia brings the end of voicemails and unopened emails.

The last thing Zia wants you to do is waste time with making multiple calls and emails that go unanswered. With access to your SalesSignals, such as notifications that prospects and customers have opened and replied to your emails, participated in your surveys, or on social media, Zia suggests the right time to contact each customer in your database. Cut down on the time it takes to follow-up with customers, and ultimately reduce the time it takes to convert a lead or close a sale.

Zia already knows what you want to do - and helps you do it faster.

Salespeople perform certain tasks, a few times a week, that can be automated; some reps don't know how or don't want to take the trouble of doing it. Zia learns these patterns and makes Macro suggestions to make automation faster and easier. These suggestions bypass the steps it usually takes to automate tasks. Every suggestion is personal to each user to make their CRM experience an intelligent process.