Make smarter sales pitches with Zia

Are you finding it hard to narrow down which products you should pitch to your leads? Now Zia can help you by finding the product that a lead is most likely to be interested in. Zia collects data from every touch point that your contacts have with your brand, and can analyze it to help you write a sales pitch that works.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Discover bundled products that go well together
  • Upsell and cross-sell with context
  • Find the right product to pitch

Learn what your customers need

Zia monitors every lead's profile, purchase history, wishlist, cart, and more to understand their persona and can recommend products and services that they are likely to be interested in. Make a smarter sales pitch with Zia!

Anticipate your customer needs and recommend the right products

Cross-sell with context

Certain products and services are often bought together, even if they are not necessarily sold as a bundle. If someone buys a pair of shoes online, they will probably be interested in socks, too. Zia maintains a list of products that people are likely to buy and makes recommendations based on previous purchases similar contacts have made.

Pitch bundled products to maximize ROI

Predict repeat purchases

If you're selling consumable products that require regular repurchases (like shaving supplies or toothbrushes), Zia can recommend that customers buy them again after a set time. Is their one month supply of your product about to expire? Use that opportunity to reach out!

Get recurring customers to make repeat purchases on time

Repeat purchases made easy with automation

If your customers often make repeat purchases, be proactive and pitch your offers automatically with workflow rules. Do you have a high value customer who needs to renew their membership soon? Automatically send them an upsell offer based on Zia's recommendation. Or, if a regular customer hasn't made a purchase when you would expect, your workflows can send them discount campaigns for products Zia recommends for them.


Make the right pitch to every prospect

Certain people have similar tastes when it comes to purchasing a product or a service. By analyzing and identifying customer similarities, Zia can make recommendations to your new customers based on the purchase patterns of existing customers, with relevant reasoning for each recommendation.


Don't let recommendation opportunities slip through the cracks

It's hard to keep track of every client and their preferences to make the right recommendation at the right time. So why not let Zia do the heavy lifting? Zia will collect information and automatically notify your sales reps when a recommendation is ready, making it easier for them to make pitches based on these recommendations when the time is right.


Setup is a breeze

It's easy to set up product recommendations using Zia's guided, step-by-step creation process. You can choose what to recommend, when to recommend it, and whom to recommend it to with just a few clicks!

A quick setup to start recommending the right products

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