Smarter forms for efficient sales teams

Customer information drives your business. Wizards let your sales team capture information from prospects and customers through a streamlined sequence of forms. Consolidate customizations like layouts, layout rules, and validation rules within a single wizard to eliminate silos. Help your sales team become more productive and capture accurate customer data with Wizards.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Create a contextual sequence of forms for capturing customer information efficiently
  • Trigger automated actions between forms and after submission
  • Sales managers can guide reps with instructions and provide call scripts

Capture information contextually

Collecting and entering different types of customer information into CRM can be a complicated process when you're only using a single standard record creation form. Redesign your record creation process to create a sequence of contextual forms that allows your sales team to collect the right piece of information at the right step in the sequence. Ensure better quality customer data with Wizards.

Deconstruct your record creation screen in to a sequence of forms

Drag-and-drop interface for quick set up

An intuitive builder allows you to drag drop form components and define the flow of your forms with Wizards. Conceptualize the sequence, build the wizard, and start collecting your data.

Effortlessly build a Wizard with a drag and drop interface

Cut through the clutter for a better user experience

Choose how your form sequence looks. Change different aspects such as the fields included in each form, and the buttons with their associated actions. You can even choose to hide, display, enable, or disable buttons based on information entered. Provide your sales team with a truly clutter-free and focused experience with Wizards.

Customize each screen in the sequence to guide your sales reps the best

Eliminate siloed customization

In many cases, layouts, layout rules, conditional fields, and validation rules have already been set up by your admin. Now, you can consolidate these customization settings under a single wizard, eliminating the need for the Administrator to maintain distinct customization settings across the CRM account.

Consolidate module customizations like Layouts, layout rules, conditional fields under a single wizard