Unleash the power of business messaging with Zoho CRM's WhatsApp integration

Businesses are constantly trying to build better communication channels to engage and connect with customers. In this era of rampant digital growth, innovative integration solutions play a crucial role in bridging the gap between customers and businesses.

WhatsApp has become an integral part of everyday communication for businesses and individuals worldwide. By integrating WhatsApp with Zoho CRM, your business can consolidate all customer interactions into a single portal.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how Zoho CRM can help

  • Interact with customers via business messages from your CRM account.
  • Use filters and set criteria to view messages quickly.
  • Notify CRM users when a customer messages via WhatsApp.
  • Reply to customers by sending a pre-defined business message.
  • Configure WhatsApp templates within Zoho CRM to automate your business process.
  • Set automated WhatsApp notifications based on your workflow rules.

Endless data in one repository

Zoho CRM's WhatsApp integration enables you to maintain a common repository of all customer interactions that take place via WhatsApp. Information such as customer details, product specifications, follow-up calls, and support queries are reflected directly on your CRM dashboard, providing you with complete visibility.


Find exactly what you're looking for using filters

Zoho CRM's filtering feature makes viewing and accessing messages easier. You can now set criteria to view higher-priority messages quickly, such as messages that have or haven't been replied to, messages sent on a particular date, and more.


Get notified directly in your CRM account

You'll get notifications in your CRM account when a customer sends a message via WhatsApp. You can also choose to be re-notified at a later time when you're better able to engage with the customer effectively—that way, you won't miss out on any crucial interactions.


Save the time you spend on sending repetitive messages

You can reply to common and repetitive messages by sending pre-defined texts, which you can also edit and save according to your requirements. This helps you save time without missing opportunities to engage with customers.

Custom templates for your unique needs

You can create personalized WhatsApp templates within Zoho CRM and send automated messages for specific actions. Configure your templates based on message categories and requirements.


Automate your WhatsApp notification

You can also incorporate WhatsApp notifications into automated workflow rules, which enables you to automate the process of sending WhatsApp notifications.