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Introducing Business Holiday and other enhancements for holidays

Introducing common holiday list for all users across organization called "Business Holidays" that is applied to all users of the org irrespective of the time zone and shifts they work. In addition, users can clone holiday lists.Read More

HIPAA Compliance with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offers features that can be used by organizations to abide by HIPAA rules and regulations.Read More

Create record through workflow scheduled action

Creating record automatically through workflow rule was previously available for instant actions. Now it is available for scheduled action too.Read More


New placement for custom button

In addition to the existing locations, a new location for Wizards has been introduced. These buttons can be exclusively used inside Wizards.Read More

Wizards now support Custom Buttons

Create custom buttons to perform actions such as fetching data from a CRM module, third party application or other Zoho apps.Read More

Customization of Deal Stage History for paid editions

Customization of columns in Stage History is now available for all paid editions (earlier it was available for Enterprise and above). Users with Module customization permission can add, remove, and reorder columns in Stage History related list.

Categorization and filtering of Zia notifications

Notifications will be categorized in to two groups: Workflow Rules and Anomaly Component to bring clear distinction. Also, notifications from different mediums such as competitor alert, prediction, conversation AI, prediction, etc. can be quickly found using the filter option.Read More

Tags added to Leads carried over during conversion

Any tags associated with the lead can be carried over to the respective account, contact or deal when converted using Workflow.Read More

Multi-user and multi-select lookup fields supported in Blueprints

During Transition you can use multi-select lookup fields as well as multi-user fields. These fields can be mandated but cannot be validated.Read More

Blueprint now supports Widgets

Perform custom actions, such as locating an address on a map, blocking a date on a calendar and more via Blueprint using Widgets. Widgets can be used in the During Transition settings.Read More

Automatic Transitions in Blueprint

Use automatic transition to prevent delays and discontinuity of a process. The automatic transition will ensure that records move to the destination state after a specified "Wait" time has elapsed.Read More



V2.1 APIs - New version of CRM APIs

Some most-requested and interesting updates are included. For instance: fetching the assignment rules configured in your org, getting the email and inventory templates present in a module, getting the details of different wizards in a layout, etc.Read More

IOS Mobile App

Better optimization of contacts listing

Listing contacts from the address book during import, composing emails etc. has been optimized to be faster.

Visual identification of a deal state

State of a deal at a respective stage will be denoted by thumbs up or thumbs down icon to show its won or lost state respectively.Read More

Forecast type renamed and mapped with Forecast category

Forecast type in stage probability mapping is renamed to Deal category. It will also be used to determine the current state of a deal. Also, deal category will be mapped with the appropriate forecast category automatically.Read More

Filter deals using deal category

The stage criteria will display deal states: won, lost, and open, using which the deals can be easily filtered.Read More

Introducing new home page view: Manager's Home Page

An exclusive home page called "Manager's Home" for users at reporting roles to track and analyze theirs and their subordinates data. This view will be available only for roles that have subroles under them.Read More

UI enhancements across dashboards

User interface of dashboards has been updated with the following: resizing of KPI components, changes in the background grid size, and an illustration is added when there is no available data.

Number of data in custom view components increased

The number of rows displayed in the custom component in a user's home page is increased from 5 to 10.

Create subform in Inventory Modules

Add a custom subform to the Inventory modules to store details about quotes, invoices, and orders.Read More


Seikyu Kanri Robo for Zoho CRM

Export invoices and billing information from Zoho CRMRead More


New Extensions for Zoho CRM

BulkGate SMS for Zoho CRM, Maqsam for Zoho, OpenCart for Zoho CRM and moreRead More

Products line item is available as Subform

The product line item in all the Inventory modules is changed to a subform. Users can customize it to suit their business need.Read More

Feature Limit Update: Webhook

Webhook limit in Workflow is increased:
Enterprise edition: 50,000 calls/day
Ultimate edition: 1,000,000 calls/dayRead More

Workflow rule execution upon field update is clubbed with the Edit option

As field updates are equivalent to modifications made to a record, it is now moved under the Edit option as "Specific fields gets modified". Users can define the field and the desired value to execute the rule upon update of a field.Read More

UI enhancement in Date or time based workflow trigger

The date/time based trigger contains labels for each time/date based configuration for easy comprehension and better clarity.Read More

Support for "Request" parameters in custom button for "List view - Utility View" position

Data from fields, headers, parameters, file content, and body can be extracted while writing functions. This will be helpful to capture the cvid, pageno, modulename, and module displayname.Read More



New Extensions for Zoho CRM

WhatsApp Hub for Zoho CRM, Voxloud for Zoho CRM, LogixOne B2B Portal for Zoho CRM and moreRead More

IOS Mobile App

iOS 14 compatibility

The mobile app is now compatible with iOS 14. Use the Wind down shortcuts to quickly check upcoming schedules.Read More

Primary field of a layout rule available as trigger in other layout rules

The field set as the primary field for a layout rule, can further be included in the "Show Field and "Set Mandatory Fields" actions in other layout rules.Read More

Update picklist field with 'None' value

Picklist fields that are not mandatory can be updated as 'None' through automatic field updates in CommandCenter, Workflow, Blueprint, and Actions.Read More

Module views UI enhancement

User-interface for list view, Kanban view, and Canvas have been revamped with the following changes:
- The smart filter in list view and Kanban view can be expanded/collapsed
- The create and import record buttons are grouped together.
- Wrap/clip text options to manage alignment of text within fields.

Introducing Remote Sales Office

Remote Sales Office, a bundle of two applications: Zoho Cliq and Zoho Meeting is exclusively designed to help organizations manage their remote teams. It can be purchased from CRM and is also available for a 15-day trial.Read More

Remove system-defined fields – Currency and Exchange Rate from a layout

System-defined Currency and Exchange Rate fields can be removed if a layout that does not any custom currency field. These fields will automatically be added if a custom currency field is inserted to the layout.Read More

Access to Allowed IP Addresses moved from CRM to Zoho Directory

Once configured, the allowed IP addresses was displayed under Setup > User and Control > Users. It is now removed and can be viewed or accessed only from Zoho Directory.Read More

Web tabs available for portal users

Web tabs can be shared with portal users with View permission to allow them access from within CRM.Read More


IOS Mobile App

Products line items as subforms in the inventory modules

The products line items has been changed to subforms in all the Inventory modules to be in sync with the web version.Read More

Android Mobile App

Products line items as subforms in the inventory modules

The products line items has been changed to subforms in all the Inventory modules to be in sync with the web version.


TSign Extension for Zoho CRM

Use this extension to send business documents in PDF format to the leads or contacts for digital signature.Read More


New Extensions for Zoho CRM

IndiaMart Extension for Zoho CRM, Consulta CNPJ Extension for Zoho CRM,Exitty softphone Extension for Zoho CRM and moreRead More

Sharing a record as Public

A record can be shared as public with all users in the organization. Besides this, feed notifications can be sent when the record is shared privately.Read More

Classify records in Campaigns module based on the integration

When integrated with Zoho Backstage, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Survey or Zoho Webinar, a new field will be introduced in the Campaigns module called "Integration Type". This read-only field will help users to filter records and it can also be used in blueprint, workflow rules, etc.Read More

Lock custom views to restrict modifications

Users with whom a custom view is shared can be restricted from modifying it further by locking it. Admins and users with 'Manage View' permission can lock the custom views.Read More

Edit records using the Wizard layout

Records that are created through Wizard can be edited using the Wizard layout.Read More

Use system defined journeys – Command Center

The following journeys will be available for users by default when they sign up or when they upgrade to edition that support Command Center:
1. Qualify Leads through call
2. Qualify Leads through emailRead More



IOS Mobile App


View segmentation scores of records in your mobile app.

Android Mobile App

Alert on storage limit

The app will pop an alert if the storage data reaches its limit and will prevent the user from adding new records once the limit is reached.


New Extensions for Zoho CRM

Whatsapp and Instagram integration by Wazzup, 99 Acres Extension, Pipedream Extension and more.

Get notified about insufficient data in the notification panel – Zia Prediction Builder

If number of records is less than 200, then prediction will not be made and Zia will display "Waiting for data". This will be notified through Zia notification as well as in the prediction detail page.Read More

View prediction summary and other details

Module for which prediction is created, the custom field that will display the prediction results, Zia's learning score, contributing fields, and prediction probability will be shown in the prediction details page. Also, if record count is less than 200 then you will notice "Waiting for data" option.Read More

Sync Products module during Desk Integration

During Desk integration you can sync the Products module too. Earlier, only Contacts and Accounts modules could be synced.Read More

Using Secondary Email field to avoid duplicate in Desk integration

In addition to primary email address, the secondary email address can also be used to identify duplicate records in CRM and Desk.Read More

Visual enhancement in the Setup page

The Setup page heading and the search bar are aligned to the left. The sections have borders around them.

Upgrade edition from CRM profile

The Upgrade Edition link will be available in the Profile menu in the CRM account.

Character limit for Webhook URL increased

Earlier the "URL to notify" field in Webhooks had a character limit of 200, now it is increased to 300.Read More


Python SDK: ZCRMSDK - VERSION 2.0.12

Issue Fix:
Fixed the "KeyError" in the Get Users operation.Read More


IOS Mobile App

In-app notification for mobile app update

Update your mobile app to the latest version by directly clicking on the notification.

Android Mobile App

Hyperlink support for the text fields

If a text field has hyperlinked content, it would take the user to the respective page upon tapping the URL/ hyperlinked text.

IOS Mobile App

Hyperlink support for the text fields

If a text field has hyperlinked content, it would take the user to the respective page upon tapping the URL/ hyperlinked text.

IOS Mobile App

Set preferred timezone

Set your preferred timezone from the mobile app from: CRM app settings > Timezone > Set preferred timezone.


New Extensions for Zoho CRM

Email and Phone Checker, eClassifieds , importUser and more


MegaMeeting for Zoho CRM

Schedule or conduct instant meetings with screen sharing from CRM using the MegaMeeting extension. Read More


ClickMeeeting for Zoho CRM

Organize meetings, send invitations, and meeting links from CRM using ClickMeeeting.Read More


StarLeaf for Zoho CRM

Schedule or conduct instant online meetings with screen sharing from CRM using the StarLeaf extension. Track the meetings in the record's activity history.Read More

Feature limit update: Workflow rules

Workflow rules per org: 2500
2500 (maximum 2000 active rules)
Execution limit/org: 50
Workflow rules per module:
Free - 10 (maximum 5 active)
Standard - 30 (maximum 15 active)
Professional - 80 (maximum 40 active)
Enterprise- 125 (maximum 75 active)
Ultimate - 150 (maximum 100 active)

Setting External ID fields in a module

Use field properties to make a single line field into an external field. For a record, the external field can capture information stored in third-party applications. The external ID can be used to upsert API call to search, create, update or delete records.Read More

Chat with record owners via Cliq

Quickly communicate with the record owners (CRM users) over chat, audio call and video calls via Cliq.Read More

Change in Mail Merge limits

Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate edition users can perform 1000 merges/month/org. Additional merges (upto 4000) can be purchased. These limits apply to the mail merge action and print preview action (only while using the mail merge template).Read More

'None' state in blueprint can be deleted

The 'None' state in Blueprint can be deleted like any other state. Once deleted, it will be listed under the 'Available states' in the 'Info and States' section.

Enter dates in Auto number fields

Dates can be entered in the auto number fields in the desired format, {DD}, {MM}or {MM}{DD}{YY} or more. To enter the dates you need to type # or { in the prefix or suffix fields.Read More

Mandatory quick create forms for new account creation

New accounts creation from the lookup fields present in the Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Quotes, Sales Order, Invoices, and Cases modules can be done only by filling the quick create form.

Workflow rules standard edition update

The following actions are now supported in the standard edition:
1. Field Update Trigger
2. Delete trigger
3. Field update action
4. Email recipient in alert`

Allow feed notifications for actions occurring automatically

Select the 'Send notifications' option in the Feeds Preference to get notified when records are created, updated or deleted through automation (APIs, Functions, and Integration).

Check the accuracy of the image validation model

You can evaluate the accuracy of the models by uploading some test images. The model will validate the image based on the training data. Based on the test results the model can be trained for correctness.Read More

Zia Recommendation for portal users

Portal users can view recommendations in their portal accounts. The admins can choose a type of recommendation for the portal users. Based on the model Zia will give suggestions.Read More

Customize the type of recommendations

Types of recommendations are classified into: First time, repeat, relationship, bundle, and sequence. Admins can edit the names according to their business requirement.Read More

CommandCenter in Sandbox and Copy Customization

CommandCenter can be tried in Sandbox before pushing to production account. It can also be copied while performing Copy Customization.Read More

Update in Workflow rules for standard and professional editions

Following options in Workflow rules are now available for standard edition:
1. Using Field update to execute a rule and in instant and scheduled actions.
2. Trigger upon delete of a record.
3. Sending email to other recipients present in the related module or module.
4. Execution on a Date/Time.
5. Creating Scheduled actions.

Clean-up tool and other updates in data storage

Clean up tool helps clear junk leads, empty recycle bin and remove untouched records. Users will be notified when the data storage limit is exhausted.Read More

Buttons get a new look

Buttons across CRM have been revamped. The new buttons have rounded edges, gradient colors, touch feel, and 3D view. The color of the hyperlink has been modified as well.


Android Mobile App

In-app notification for mobile app update

Update your mobile app to the latest version by directly clicking on the notification.

Configure Allowed IPs moved to Zoho Directory

New CRM sign-ups can configure allowed IPs only from Zoho Directory. CRM accounts where IPs are already configured can continue to access from Setup > User and Control > Security Control.Read More


New Extensions for Zoho CRM

DeDupe, iQuoteXpress SSO , Currency Exchange Rates and more


ChARM Health for Zoho CRM

Convert contacts to patients and manage patient records easily with ChARM Health for Zoho CRM.Read More

IOS Mobile App

New updates in the Analytics Module

Use change view to switch from quick chart to pie chart also share charts with others through external apps. Click on show data to see the record count for a data point in a chart. Also, click refresh to update the dashboards. Read More

Sandbox Supported in Trial Edition

Enterprise and Ultimate edition trial users can create Sandbox accounts.Read More

New fields supported during Blueprint transition

Multi-select and multi user lookup fields are now supported during transition. You can make these fields mandatory.Read More



Issue Fix: From this version, the response of the Events API will contain the value "null" instead of an empty string when you do not input values for the optional fields. Read More



Issue Fix: Fixed the issue of rendering an improper response while fetching the related records of a module.Read More

Access Calendar Booking from the setup

For ease of access Calendar Booking has been added to the Setup page under General category. You can also access it by clicking the calendar icon in your CRM account.Read More

Bulk delete records rejected through review process

CRM administrators can mass delete records that were rejected during the review process.

Update in record sharing permissions

Only those users who have full access for a record can share a record with others.
The record-level sharing will work only if the module that contains the record has the default organization permission set as: Private/Public read.Read More

Feature limit update: Blueprint

Enterprise: Total number of Blueprints that can be created is increased to 50. This includes the default Blueprints.

Create workflows based on recommendations

Set automatic actions to send email alerts, SMS, or assign tasks to the team members when Zia recommends. This will allow you to promptly notify your customers or team members to take quick action.Read More

Android Mobile App

Enhancement in the Analytics Module

The Analytics module allows to perform the following functions: Change view, share chart, show data, refresh the Dashboard.Read More



New Extensions for Zoho CRM

Contaque Telephony Extension, Poptin and more



Issue Fix: Fixed inconsistency in the selection of the inventory line items. Read More

Feature limit update: Field update in Workflow and Blueprint

Number of field updates for instant and scheduled actions in workflows and field updates in blueprint is increased from 3 to 5 field updates/action for Professional and above editions.



Enhancement: "Discount" key is included in the inventory line items. Read More



Enhancement: This version performs an extra validation before adding data to the request body. Read More



Enhancement: This version supports custom log trace listeners. Read More

Browser versions updated for CRM

The browser version (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera) for CRM has been upgraded to support advanced functionalities and provide better performance.Read More

Cloning webforms and automatically launching them after A/B testing

Instead of creating a web form again, make a clone of it within the module across layouts. Also, select the option to launch a winner automatically after A/B testing is completed. The winner form can also be launched based on the percentage of submission.Read More

Webforms are now responsive

The webforms will resize themselves according to the screen-size.

View best time to email in record details page

Along with best time to call, the best time to email can also be viewed in the record details page.

Import tasks in bulk

Import tasks to CRM and associate them with the respective records.

Revision of CRM Portal pricing

According to the new pricing model:
1. Minimum number of portal users is 1 (earlier it was 50 portal users).
2. Price for purchasing additional portals:
- 1-1000 users: $10/user/month
- 1001 to 10,000 users: $8/user/month
- 10,001 and above users: $5/ user/monthRead More


Python SDK: ZCRMSDK - VERSION 2.0.11

Enhancement: This version supports additional parameters in the Get Records operation. Read More



New Extensions for Zoho CRM

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, WhatsApp Integration for Zoho CRM by Picky Assist, Notes Pro - Rich Text & Bulk Notes and more.

Associate emails with a record using Zoho CRM for Gmail add-on

Associate emails received in Gmail with the respective leads or contacts in CRM using the Zoho CRM for Gmail add-on.Read More

UI enhancements in Kanban View

Several visual changes are made to the UI - checkbox to select a record, Create Activity icon is re-positioned, overdue deal closing date displayed in red, etc. A new field called "Header style" is added to the Kanban view settings, to set mono or random color for the category headers.Read More

Set Wizard layout as default

Admins can set the wizard layout as default, so that the user directly get the wizard layout when they wish to create a record. A wizard layout can be selected as default for a particular profile.Read More

Use Zoho Project administrator's email address to access other user's portal

portal In Zoho Projects integration, instead of ZSC key you need to enter the project admin's email address and request access to other user's portal. The current OAuth method is more secure than the previous method.Read More

Looping and repeating of fields in wizard screens disallowed

Forming loops such that one screen repeatedly appears while creating records is not allowed. Also, one field cannot be repeated in the subsequent screens to prevent the record creator from entering value to the same field twice.Read More


IOS Mobile App

Email templates synchronised with web version

Email templates in a module are synced with the web version to facilitate access of all the corresponding templates.

Android Mobile App

Biometric applock for the mobile app

Set applock using fingerprint, facial or iris recognition in addition to the default numeric applock. The unlock option selected in the device settings will be reflected in the CRM app.

Android Mobile App

Email templates synchronised with web version

Email templates of a particular module are synced in real-time. Upon accessing a module all corresponding templates will be listed.Read More


New Extensions for Zoho CRM

US Address Verification, Intercom, Asana and more



Enhancement: This version will support the "process" key in the request body for all record related operations.Read More


New Error Code

An error code (FILE_SIZE_MORE_THAN_ALLOWED_SIZE) will be shown if the images do not comply to the size/resolution prescribed for Upload Images API or Upload Organization Photo API.Read More

Removed creating new account from lookup

The option to create a new account from the Account name lookup has been removed.



Enhancement: This version supports the "process" key in the request body for record operations.

Profile permissions for Image Validation (Zia Vision)

Admins with manage configuration permission in their profile can create and view a rule. While users with manage action permission will be able to review and approve the images and records.Read More

Manually sync tasks with projects and view project completion status

Use sync with projects option to associate tasks with respective projects. Also, view project status by clicking on the project completion status in the record's related list.Read More

Feature limit update: Calls module

Limits have been updated to:
Decimal and Percent Custom field: 15
Total number of allowed custom fields: 85

New logo for Zoho CRM and Menu Bar Enhancements

Zoho CRM gets a new logo. An 9-dot icon is added to the top Menu bar to provide users easy access to other Zoho services.Read More

Send workflow notifications via Cliq to other users aside from Cliq users and channels

Send workflow notifications to record owners, record creators, custom user fields and users from related modules.Read More

"All Tabs" displyed in the Menu bar

The 'All tabs' option is displayed in the top menu bar for users who have more than one tab groups.Read More

Introducing Workflow for Facebook and Twitter

Automate actions for leads, accounts or contacts based on their interactions on social platforms: Facebook and Twitter.Read More

Disable Business Card view

Turn off the Business card view to prevent display in the records details page. This will also restrict users from customizing the business card.Read More

Feature limit update: CommandCenter

Limits have been updated to:
Ultimate edition: 10/org
Enterprise edition: 5/orgRead More

View current record name in CommandCenter module

A record moves from one module to another to complete its journey, you can now see the record's current name based on its position in a particular module. The field "current record name" is non-editable and will change according to the record's position.Read More

Introducing grouping parameters for Chart, KPI, and Comparator

Records in Chart, KPI, and Comparator can be grouped by fiscal week, calendar week, and fiscal quarter.

Use Layout Rules in Quick Create form

Configure layout rule to show specific fields or mark fields as mandatory in the Quick Create form.Read More

Associate Emails with a record using Outlook add-in

Associate emails received on Outlook with the respective leads or contacts in CRM using the Microsoft Outlook add-in.Read More

Send workflow notifications through Cliq, Slack, and Cisco

Notifications for instant and scheduled actions can be sent through Cliq, Slack, and Cisco, once these channels are integrated with Zoho CRM.Read More

Set conditions for hours/minutes/business days in Workflow for Emails

Trigger workflows for unopened, unreplied, opened & unreplied emails based on number of days/minutes/hours/business hours/business days. (Previously triggers were based only on days).Read More

Android Mobile App

New Icon for the CRM Mobile App

The CRM mobile app now displays a new icon for all Android users. Read More

IOS Mobile App

New Icon for the CRM Mobile App

The CRM mobile app now displays a new icon for all iOS users. Read More

IOS Mobile App

Sign in with Apple Support

You can sign in to the CRM app using your Apple ID by clicking on 'Sign in with Apple' option.Read More


Android Mobile App

Optimize Zoho CRM app

Use Android app bundles the latest format of releasing applications on the Play Store, to download the Zoho CRM app in less size.

IOS Mobile App

Support for multi-org deep linking

Access records, web tabs etc. from different organizations by accessing the corresponding link.Read More

Android Mobile App

Support for multi-org deep linking

Access records, web tabs etc. from different organizations by accessing the corresponding link.Read More

Android Mobile App

Events renamed to 'Meetings'

In sync with the CRM web version, Events in the Activities module has been renamed to ‘Meetings’.Read More


Mobile Support for Kanban Board

Get better work insights on-the-go and make better decisions with the mobile version of the Kanban Board Extension for Zoho CRM. Read More


Extensions this month

Badger Maps, Walkscore, Clearbit,, Yuboto SMS Extension, and more. Read More



Issue Fix:
Fixed improper header processing in the "GetAllDeletedRecords" method.



Issue Fix:
Fixed the error when you use the getRecords method and retrieve Events where the participant was invited only through an email.



Issue Fixes:
1. Fixed the error when you use the get_records method to retrieve Events where the participants were invited only through an email.
2. Incorrect reference in participants, pricing details, and product details is removed.



Issue Fix:
Fixed the error when you use the getRecords method to retrieve Events where the participants were invited only through an email.


Map Plotter for Zoho CRM

Identify leads and allocate them to the right sales teams based on where they are. Locate leads on maps, manage campaigns by geographical area, and gain critical insights into your business performance. Read More



Issue Fix:
Fixed the "keyError" when you use the get_records method to retrieve Events, where the participant was invited only through an email.

Automation actions during find and merge

Automatic actions that are set to trigger upon edit or delete of records, will be carried out on the merged records and the ones deleted after merge. Actions configured in Workflow rules, Blueprint, CommandCenter, Approval process, and Scoring rules will take place.Read More

Access to Subforms and permission to edit records added by others for Portal Users

Portal users can view records associated to them in the related lists. They can also edit the associated records (eg. deals, invoice, orders, etc.) which are added by other CRM users. Additionally, they can edit or delete values in subforms.Read More


Walk Score for Zoho CRM

Integrate Walk Score with Zoho CRM to view the Walk Score, Bike Score, and Transit Score for any address, right from your Zoho CRM. Easily gather scores and promote your properties.Read More


Clearbit for Zoho CRM

Integrate with Clearbit to auto-populate leads details, such as company, social media, contact number, and more from their email address. Read More

2020 ReleaseMobile App

Zoho CRM Analytics App

The CRM Analytics app allows you to access sales dashboards and KPIs from your phone. Agents can refer to key business metrics and share it with their colleagues or clients. The analytics app also supports Zia Voice, so you can ask Zia to show you the right dashboard.Read More

2020 Release

Workflow suggestions by Zia

Zia can identify any activities repeatedly performed by agents, like sending emails, updating a project's status, or allocating tasks, and will make suggestions for automating them using workflows. After Zia suggests the workflows, you can edit them to meet your business's requirements.Read More

2020 Release

Record Owner Suggestions by Zia in Assignment Rules

Zia can analyze the way records are assigned to users and interpret a pattern. She will analyze the existing record assignment pattern, the user's daily workload, and online status, and assigns the record to the best person available. Read More

2020 Release

Zia for Emails (Data Enrichment, Activity Suggestions, and Email Intent )

Zia can pull customer information from email signatures and auto-populate details like company address, designation, phone number and more directly into CRM. She can suggest activities like events, tasks, or calls that are mentioned in the emails. Agents can modify and add the suggested activity based on the business's needsZia can also interpret the intent of an email, and label it as request, query, complaint, or others and more for quick identification.Read More

2020 Release

Zia Recommendation

Zia can identify and analyze customer data, compare behavioral patterns, and draw similarities between multiple attributes to recommend the right product or service for a set of customers. Read More

2020 Release

Zia Vision

Zia can validate images uploaded in CRM. You can upload images and teach Zia to identify different types of them. You can set actions like sending records or images for a manager's approval, or not creating a record or creating record without an image in case if it finds the image invalid. Read More

2020 Release

Zia Prediction Builder

Zia can predict possible business outcomes based on existing data. For example, Zia can predict the likelihood of winning a deal or converting a lead, or chances of a product being purchased and help modify existing sales and marketing with insights.Read More

2020 Release

Workflow for Emails

Automate a set of actions based on email status. Depending on whether the email is opened, replied, unreplied, or bounced, you can set instant actions like email notifications, field updates, or creating a task or record. You can also set custom actions using webhooks or functions. Read More

2020 Release

Marketing Attribution

Measure campaign ROI and ascribe the highest value to the most deserving campaign with the help of six different attribution models: first touch, last touch, U shape, W shape, linear, and time decay.Read More

2020 Release


Segment your customers based on their purchase patterns using the Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) metrics. Understand their behavioral patterns and determine their lifetime value. Based on the insight, you can align your marketing campaigns to meet customer expectations, and focus more on retaining your loyal customers. Read More

2020 Release

Customize the layout in the Calls Module

Add custom fields to the Standard layout and customize the form to suit the business requirements. It consists of four sections such as: Purpose of Outgoing Call, Outcome of Outgoing Call, Reason for Incoming Call and Call Information. These sections are dynamic and will be displayed based on the type of call. Read More

2020 Release

Workflow rules for Calls

Automate actions such as sending emails or task assignments for incoming, outgoing, missed, scheduled, or deleted calls. Read More

2020 Release

Quadrant Analysis

Group your data into four quadrants based on the attributes defined in the X and Y coordinates. Each quadrant has a significance based on the attributes that one wants to measure, such as Type of Campaign vs Revenue Generated, or Leads created vs Lead Source. This helps you determine how one parameter influences the other. Read More

2020 Release

Cohort Analysis

Monitor the behavioral patterns of customers over a specific time period and get insights, like number of purchases made, the average time taken to close deals, and the highest number of products that were purchased. Use the results to strategize your selling and marketing tactics. Read More

2020 Release

Web Form A/B Testing

Perform an A/B test to determine which version of your webforms receives the most submissions. Run comparative experiments with different versions of webforms for selective groups of users. Depending on the results, you can publish the best performing webforms. Read More

2020 Release

Web Form Analytics

Use analytics, like the number of submissions received, regions with the highest number of submissions, and which fields are most often filled out by visitors to analyze the performance of your webforms. Read More

2020 Release

Review Process

Review and validate entries made by customers before a record enters CRM. Mark the fields that you want to be reviewed and assign the records entering from webforms, APIs, or manual submissions to a set of reviewers. Also, set SLA to keep track of the delay in reviews. You can send email notifications to the reviewer and the record submitter upon approval or rejection of a record.Read More

2020 Release


Build and automate personalized journeys of customers, products, and services using CommandCenter. Set up states and transitions, and associate them to a set of automatic actions to conduct your journeys without manual involvement from end to end. Read More

2020 Release


Build pipelines to manage different sales processes within a layout to monitor each process and track their progress. Read More

2020 Release


Break down the record creation page into multiple screens for a clear and easy -to-understand interface. Manage visibility of fields and sections by filtering and adding only the necessary components to the screen. Use buttons like next, save, and previous for easier navigation. Allow agents to save records as drafts in CRM to revisit. Read More

2020 ReleaseDeveloper

Custom Signals

Create your own signals and receive notifications of the events that occur in any third-party application. Trigger the signals through a function or an API, and view them in a custom-designed widget all inside Zoho CRM! Read More


IOS Mobile App

Handling of Organization Tax

While cloning an inventory record, the deleted taxes will be removed based on taxes available in the corresponding product and organization's taxes.Read More

Android Mobile App

Handling of Organization Tax

On cloning an inventory record, the deleted taxes will be removed based on taxes available in the corresponding product and organization's tax.Read More

Introducing Remote Sales office, a team collaboration add-on

Remote sales office is a toolkit that offers Zoho Cliq, Zoho Meeting, and Zoho ShowTime integrations with CRM in a single package. Read More


C# SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.1.9

Handled code to throw exception if accounts scope is not included in the generated grant token or when user email cannot be fetched with the generated access token. Read More


Java SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.5

Handled code to throw exception if accounts scope is not included in the generated grant token or when user email cannot be fetched with the generated access token. Read More


PHP SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.1.1

Handled code to throw exception if accounts scope is not included in the generated grant token or when user email cannot be fetched with the generated access token. Read More


Python SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.7

Handled code to throw exception if accounts scope is not included in the generated grant token or when user email cannot be fetched with the generated access token. Read More


Ruby SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 1.0.3

Handled code to throw exception if accounts scope is not included in the generated grant token or when user email cannot be fetched with the generated access token. Read More


Ruby SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 1.0.4

Updated the JSON dependency version(>=2.0). Read More


WeChat Pay Extension

Connect with consumers and use the smart and efficient payment solution for both consumers and merchants. Read More


Extensions this month

WeChat Pay, Bold BI, SyncPenguin, Address Typeahead and more.


Portal access to Vendors and Public modules

Modules with Public Read Only or Public Read/Write/Delete permissions (as per Data Sharing Settings) and the Vendors module will be available to the Portal Users. Read More

Change Date format based on preference

Modify the date format based on your preference. The Date format field presents 40 patterns to choose from, according to which the record created date, events due date etc. will be displayed. Read More

Attach files from email to the record's related list

Attachments like images, documents, or files from an email can be directly moved to the attachments related list. Read More


Zoho Inventory Extension for Zoho CRM

Manage sales, marketing, support, and inventory all on one platform. Read More


Zoho Subscriptions Integration

Bridge the gap between your recurring billing and customer relationship management. Read More


Zoho Books for Zoho CRM

Give your sales team a 360-degree view of your customer data with the Zoho Books integration. Read More


Extensions this month

IDX Broker, Mapsly, Twilio SMA, Postcode Address Finder, Flowgear and more.


IOS Mobile App

Rich Text Editor for emails

Use the rich text editor to format your email content. Add bullets or insert numbering use font styling, add inline images, and change text alignment.

New look of record details page

The UI of the record details page is revamped to give a clearer and comprehensive view of the data.Read More

Attach files to a record from Zoho WorkDrive

Files or folders from Zoho WorkDrive can be attached to a record using the file upload field or in attachments related list and in emails.Read More

New location for placing custom buttons

Custom buttons can be placed in the utility menu. The button will be easily accessible from the module's list view and can be used to perform actions that are related to the module.Read More

Introducing migration from Maximizer CRM

Migrate data from Maximizer CRM to Zoho CRM. Read More

Approval criteria check upon resubmission

Upon resubmission of a record, the approval criteria will be validated across all the configured approval processes. If the record doesn't match any of the approval processes, it will be added to the appropriate module.Read More

Convert records on create, create/edit triggers

Records can be converted on Create, Create/Edit rule triggers apart from Edit and Field Update using Workflow Rules. Read More


C# SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.1.6

Supporting fileUpload field in Record operations. Read More


Delete Junk Functions

Clean junk functions from your Zoho CRM. Read More


RingCentral Video

Close deals faster with face-to-face video meetings Read More

Android Mobile App

Sandbox support for Android users

Get a preview of the Sandbox in your mobile app.


Extensions this month

WhatsApp Web, Google Sheets to Zoho CRM Sync, Payway Extension, Intermedia Unite and more.


Execute lead conversion mapping in Sandbox

Map the fields from a layout in the Leads module with the appropriate layout from Contacts, Accounts, and Deals module in Sandbox and deploy the changes into your production account. Read More

Modified sign-in process of the Zoho CRM plug-in for Microsoft Word

The sign-in process in the Zoho CRM plug-in for Microsoft Word will use OAuth instead of Authtokens.Read More


Node JS SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 0.0.17

Send configuration as JSON. Read More


Node JS SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 0.0.18

Supporting custom token management. Read More



Access contacts and leads from HubSpot in Zoho CRM. Read More


Extensions this month

Clickatell SMS, Read Receipt, GPS Team Management, Lead to Vendor and more.


Introducing edition based Data Storage limits and UI changes in Storage Space

The storage space is categorized into Data Storage and File Storage and each has its limits. Data Storage includes the records across all the modules and notes that are added to them. It also includes the data in the recycle bin. File storage includes all the images, attachments, and the documents that are associated with a record. Read More

Delete users and transfer the records owned by them

While deleting a user you can transfer all their open records, assignment configurations, and the rule-based criteria to another user.Read More

Modified sign-in process of the Zoho CRM Outlook plug-in 

The method to sign-in to Zoho CRM Outlook plug-in will use OAuth instead of Authtokens. Read More


Share Records API

Using this API, you can implement record-level data sharing, where the users can share individual records with other users in the organization. Read More


7Moor Telephony Integration

All-channel intelligent SaaS customer service system, with seamless integration with Zoho CRM Read More

IOS Mobile App

View widgets from mobile app

Bring-in functionalities from other applications inside your mobile app with the help of widgets.

IOS Mobile App

Support for Webtabs

Open web pages like company-wide announcements, web applications, etc. inside Zoho CRM.

IOS Mobile App

Upload record images from mobile app

Add or update record images to the Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Products, Vendors, Cases, Solutions, and Custom modules by tapping on the record image icon.


Extensions this month

Client Portal, AloTech CTI Adapter, Brekeke PBX, Netelip and more.



Include reCAPTCHA in webforms

Google reCAPTCHA is introduced in the webforms that will let you prevent SPAM records from entering the CRM.Read More

Enhancements in Email and Inventory Templates

Clone templates across modules and set a font of your choice as default for all the templates. Include user related merge fields such as Created by, Modified by, and Record Owner in the templates. The unsupported merge fields will be marked in red for easier identification, it can be either modified or removed. In the Inventory template the individual tax rates will be displayed. Read More

Introducing Quick create and Detail view in the Module Builder

Customize the quick create form, used to create records from the lookup fields, with the desired set of fields. Also, add/remove the related lists and customize the business card of a record. The quick create and detail view are layout specific. Read More

Share the SalesIQ link of your webpage via email

Add the SalesIQ link in email or email templates to identify when a lead or contact visits the webpage.  Read More


C# SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.1.0

Supporting custom parameters for search records. Read More

Android Mobile App

Change a record's ownership

Transfer records to other users in the org along with the associated open activities, open contacts, or open deals.

Android Mobile App

View and respond to emails

Check and reply to the emails received from customers from the email related list.

IOS Mobile App

Access deal pipelines in mobile app

View, edit or switch between deal pipelines from your mobile app.


Create validation rules using custom functions

Validate the data that is entered in CRM with another database using functions.Read More

Modify and auto populate tax rates

You can specify whether the tax rates of a product can be modified by the users and if they should be auto populated while adding it in the invoice. The option to modify tax rate is available for a period of 6 months.Read More

Synchronize event invitation from customers in Office 365

The events to which you are invited by your customers (Leads/Contacts) in Office 365 can be synced with Zoho CRM.Read More


C# SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.6

Providing Bulk API support in SDK. Read More


Currencies API

The multi-currency support in Zoho CRM helps you to handle business and transactions in the global market effortlessly. Read More


C# SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.9

Change in OAuthToken response. Read More


Java SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.2

Change in oauth response. Read More


Node JS SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 0.0.16

Change in OAuth response. Read More


PHP SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.6

Change in OAuth response. Read More


Python SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.5

Change in OAuthToken response. Read More


Ruby SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 1.0.1

Change in OAuth response. Read More


PHP SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.7

Provided Bulk API support in SDK. Remote SQL database supported. Custom persistence handler class name can be given. Custom params and custom headers can be given. Read More


Functions Limits changed

Functions limits has been updated. Read More

IOS Mobile App

Sandbox support for iOS users

Get a preview of the Sandbox in your mobile app.


Duplicate team bookings in calendar booking

Save time by duplicating existing team bookings and modify them as necessary.Read More

Clone dashboards and its components

Clone existing dashboards or analytical components and modify them as needed.Read More

Backstage and Webinar channels are included in SalesSignals

Get notifications when someone registers for a webinar, purchases or cancels tickets, and checks-in for an event in Backstage. Read More

Backstage and Webinar criteria are included in Scoring Rules

Give scores to leads based on criteria from Backstage and Webinar like ticket purchased, event checked-in, ticket cancelled, and registered. Read More


C# SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.5

Supporting duplicate_check_fields in upsert records. Read More


PHP SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.5

Supporting multiple notes, and notes attachments. Read More


Ruby SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 1.0.0

Introducing Ruby SDK support. Read More



Send SMS to your Leads and Contacts from Zoho CRM



Send messages to Lead's WeChat account.Read More

Android Mobile App

Baidu maps supported for China Data Center

Google maps will be replaced with Baidu maps for all customers from China data center and those who download the app from China App stores (such as Xiaomi App Store, Tencent MyApp App Store, etc.,)

Android Mobile App

Create widgets from mobile app

Bring-in functionalities from other applications inside your mobile app with the help of widgets. Read More

Android Mobile App

Support for Webtabs

Open web pages like company-wide announcements, web applications, etc. inside Zoho CRM.

Android Mobile App

Access deal pipelines in mobile app

View, edit or switch between deal pipelines from your mobile app.


Send emails from Zoho CRM using your company's server

Emails sent from Zoho CRM can be routed through your company's server (relay servers) to ensure successful deliverability. Using Email Relay, you can prevent email spoofing and save a copy of the sent emails directly in the relay server for future reference. Read More


PHP SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.2

Providing support for Variables and Variable APIs. Read More


Python SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.1

Providing support for Organization Taxes, Tags, Variables and VariableGroups, and Attachments in Notes module Read More


Java SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.1

Provideding support for Variables and Variable group APIs. Read More


Python SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.3

Providing support for Blueprint. Read More

Android Mobile App

Attach files to a record with File upload field

Attach necessary documents and files to the record using the file upload field. Read More

IOS Mobile App

Attach files to a record with File upload field

Attach necessary documents and files to the record using the file upload field.


Set default values while importing data

During field mapping you can assign default values to any CRM field, which will be reflected for all the imported records. Also, if the import file has an empty field you can enter a value to it.Read More

Enhancements in Zia's anomaly detector

You can use the related metric option to draw comparison between two anomalous metrics like number of deals created : number of contacts created. Set an objective to define whether increase or decrease in value should be considered as a positive or negative anomaly. Also, you can see the results grouped into categories such as leads by source or leads by industry. Read More


Java SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.0

Major version upgrade with core enhancements. Read More


Zoho Bookings

One-stop appointment scheduling Read More


Zoho Flow

Create custom integrations across different applications and connect them via flow. Read More



Build a conversation with your team within Zoho CRM Read More

Android Mobile App

Build a reporting hierarchy for contacts

Assign a reporting manager to the contact and allow the superior to view accounts that are associated with specific contact. Also, the reporting manager can be an alternate point of contact with whom the sales team can contact in absence of the primary contact.


Enhancements in Assignment Rules

In assignment rules, conditions can be specified for users based on which the records will be assigned. You can also specify the default user to whom the records which do not satisfy those conditions will be assigned. The availability of the user can also be checked based on the online status and shift timing before assigning the records. Read More


Python SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.0

Excluded configuration files and provided support for Custom DB. Read More

Android Mobile App

Create validation rules using functions

Validate data in CRM field across other databases using functions.

Android Mobile App

Allow Zia to search records

Introducing Zia search for android users. Now find results across modules using Zia's search function. Spot Zia search bar at the bottom of the global search or click the Moreicon insidedetail view.

Android Mobile App

Track changes made to a picklist field

Track every small update in a picklist field with the help of picklist tracking and keep track of the traversal of the picklist value.

IOS Mobile App

Create validation rules using functions

Validate data in CRM field across other databases using functions.

IOS Mobile App

View and respond to emails

Check and reply to the emails received from customers from the email related list. Read More


Clone your Blueprints

Any existing blueprint can be cloned into other layouts. While cloning, new states and transitions can be added, or states from the existing process can be mapped to the values in the fresh layout.Read More

Lead conversion mapping for subforms

The subform present in the leads module can be mapped with the subforms present in the Contacts, Accounts, and Deals modules in the respective layouts. During lead conversion, the field values in the subform will be captured accordingly. Read More

Monitor the finance flow of your event in Zoho Backstage

The bar chart of the finance flow is now replaced with a waterfall chart, that displays the rise and fall of revenue generation from your event in Zoho Backstage. The graph captures the cumulative result of details such as: total amount acquired from Sponsors and Tickets, Revenue from Deals, Gross Revenue, Expenditure, and the Net Amount. Read More

Enhancements in refreshing Sandbox

Refresh your Sandbox once in three days to view the latest CRM changes. Also, any changes deployed in the last 6 months will be displayed under the deployment logs after refreshing.Read More

Locking and unlocking records in approval process

A record will be automatically locked if someone other than the record owner edits it, such that the criteria mentioned for approval is met upon edit. Additionally, any record that is pending for approval will be unlocked in case the approval process is deleted from the CRM system. Also upon rejection of a record it can be resubmitted within the next 60 days.Read More


Java SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 1.0.6

Provided support for Tag APIs. Fixed JSONException (related to subforms) in the getRecord function. Read More


Enhancements in Users API

Add, update, and delete users via API. Read More


Functions Integration Tasks - Migration to v2

Migrate integration tasks in your functions to use v2 APIs using this migration guide. Read More


New JSON key in Get Deleted Records API

Choose whether to trigger workflows upon deletion of record(s). Read More


Zoho Webinar

Zoho Webinar (powered by Zoho Meeting) for Zoho CRM Read More

Android Mobile App

View, update, and edit Subforms

View, update, edit, delete or undo an action in a subform from your mobile app.

IOS Mobile App

Make calls and mark scheduled calls complete

Make a call or complete a scheduled call from your mobile app. Easily identify the Completed, Scheduled, and Overdue Calls with the help of icons. Read More


Identifying duplicate records during record creation

In the Leads module, whenever a duplicate record is entered the user will be alerted about an existing record. The record's and the record owner's name will be displayed upon hovering the 'view lead' button. If multiple duplicates are present they can be merged. Read More

Find out how Zia got the answer for your question

Explore the path Zia took to answer your questions. You can view the module and the criteria that it applied to get you the answer. Read More

View categories in Dashboards

The dashboards in your CRM account can be categorized as favourites, created by me, shared with me, public, and other user's dashboards. Read More

Customize the CRM setup page

The existing menus and the sub-menus in the setup page can be renamed as per your preference. You can also add other applications as widgets and access them from CRM.Read More


C# SDK - ZCRMSDK - Version 2.0.2

User API supported in C# SDK(create, update, delete, etc.). Convert mapping, section details in module layout, criteria details in module custom-view can be extracted. Read More


PHP SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.0

Improved code standards for readability. Provided support for Custom DB and duplicate check fields in upsert records. Read More

IOS Mobile App

Change a record's ownership

Transfer records to other users in the org along with the associated open activities, open contacts, or open deals.

IOS Mobile App

Perform actions from My Jobs

Approve, delegate or reject records and perform blueprint transitions from My Jobs in your mobile app.


Allow customers to book a meeting with you

Allow your customers to book meetings with your teams or particular users by selecting available date and time slots. Read More

Associate and Dissociate records from the related list

Create relationships between records by associating a record with multiple records from the related list. These records can be dissociated individually or in bulk. Read More

Zoho Backstage Integration

Create events in Zoho Backstage from Zoho CRM's campaigns module and invite leads and contacts as participants. Also, monitor the performance of the event from the record's detail page. Read More

Modify reminder and repeat type of recurring tasks

Edit the repeat configuration and reminders of a task and set custom repeat types by defining particular day, date or month of repeat. Also, send notifications while creating a task for another user or when a task is completed. Read More


Errors and Solutions pages added for all the SDKS

Find resources for Server Side SDKs to learn about commonly seen errors and their solutions. Read More


PHP SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 1.1.8

Lead assignment rule supported for single and mass creation of records. Read More


C# SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 2.0.1

C# SDK is now compatible with Visual Studio 2015. The configuration details have to be passed as a dictionary only. Also, ISO 8601-time format is supported. Read More


Mass Update API

Mass update field values in records from different territories or custom views. Read More


Territories API

Territory management helps you segregate CRM records based on customer attributes such as geography, company size, or industry. Read More


Python SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 1.0.7

Add duplicate check fields using upsert record method. Read More



Make Skype business calls directly from Zoho CRM Read More


Cisco Webex Teams

Bring people together instantly and effortlessly Read More



Help your sales team manage their deals in Zoho CRM with the Trello extension Read More


TeamViewer Meetings

Online meetings made simple. Schedule and join meetings from where you work. Read More



Cloud-based meetings and large interactive events that are simple, scalable, and secure Read More



Close deals faster with face-to-face video meetings Read More


Create events/meetings using directly from Zoho CRM Read More



Easily set up online meetings with your contacts, leads, and opportunities Read More

IOS Mobile App

View, update, and edit Subforms

View, update, edit, delete or undo an action in a subform from your mobile app. Read More

IOS Mobile App

Allow Zia to search records

Introducing Zia search for android users. Now find results across modules using Zia's search function. Spot Zia search bar at the bottom of the global search or click the Moreicon insidedetail view.

IOS Mobile App

Build a reporting hierarchy for contacts

Assign a reporting manager to the contact and allow the superior to view accounts that are associated with specific contact. Also, the reporting manager can be an alternate point of contact with whom the sales team can contact in absence of the primary contact.


Zoho Survey Integration

Create surveys from Zoho CRM's Campaigns module and send invitation to your leads or contacts. Read More

Zoho Webinar Integration

Integrate with Zoho Webinar to create webinars from Zoho CRM's Campaigns module. You can also create polls in the webinar and view your interaction with the participants. Read More

Create Parent-Child Relationship

Create a parent-child relationship between different campaigns when they take place in an order and monitor their performance more accurately. Read More


Query API

Write own queries using CRM Object Query Language (COQL) to retrieve records from Zoho CRM by Read More


Zia Voice for Android

Now you can make a call or chat with Zia, to get answers for your questions in Zoho CRM from your android devices. Read More

Android Mobile App

Make calls and mark scheduled calls complete

Make a call or complete a scheduled call from your mobile app. Easily identify the Completed, Scheduled, and Overdue Calls with the help of icons.

Android Mobile App

Experience Zia voice in your mobile

Ask Zia to create records, add notes, convert leads, call customers, and change deal stages. Read More


List view categories

Custom list views can be categorized as Public Views and Other Users' Views in addition to Favourites, Created by Me and Shared with Me. Read More

UI Enhancement

The line style UI is replaced with box style UI and you can type the functions directly into the currency fields. Also, while adding line items you can use inline option to add or remove items. Read More

Break Hours in Shift Hours

In every shift hour you can mention the break timings that will ensure user's availability during a particular shift Read More

Mandatory fields in Workflow Tasks

All the mandatory fields marked by the user will be displayed in workflow tasks. Also, merge field values can be entered using the # symbol. Read More


C# SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 1.0.0

Providing C# SDK support. Read More


C# SDK - ZCRMSDK -Version 1.0.1

Supporting organization Tax API. Read More


Functions - Failure Rerun

You can now check for functions that failed to execute and re-run them. Read More



Add and manage notes in a single place using OneNote extension for Zoho CRM Read More



Capture data from Gmail and transfer it to your Zoho CRM account Read More



Help your sales team manage their deals in Zoho CRM with the Trello extension Read More

IOS Mobile App

Track changes made to a picklist field

Track every small update in a picklist field with the help of picklist tracking and keep track of the traversal of the picklist value.



Subforms in Layout Rules

Using Layout Rules, you can choose to display Subforms, when the appropriate conditions are satisfied. Read More

Set up meetings from record details page

You can create an instant meeting or schedule a meeting with a lead or contact right from the record's details page. Read More


Zoho Forms integration

Integrate Zoho Forms with Zoho CRM to facilitate pre-population of CRM data in your forms and adding form submissions in CRM. You can even embed the form URL in your email or email templates. Read More

Add Data Subject Request link in your emails

You can add the data subject request link in your email or email template and send it to your customers. Your customers can raise a request using the link, which will be automatically captured in Zoho CRM. Read More

History and more details for Data Processing Bases

View the details of the Data Processing Basis chosen for a particular data subject. Any changes that take place in this section will be captured under Histroy, chronologically. Read More

Subforms in Mail Merge templates

Subforms that you have created for a module can be added in your mail merge template and sent to your customers. Read More

Deeper access control for Activities module

The activities module has been split into Events, Tasks and Calls for defining profile permission. Say when users in a particular profile work only with events, you can choose to grant access for view, edit and delete permission for Events alone and restrict Tasks and Calls. Read More

Enable Lead and Deal Prediction by Zia

Choose to enable or disable Lead and Deal prediction from Zia's Setup page. Read More

Assign reporting manager to contacts

In Contacts module use the "reporting to" field to assign a reporting manager to contact. This will ensure an alternate point of contact in case the contact is unavailable. Read More

Email authentication

Use the email authentication standards and validate your email source when sending emails from Zoho CRM via other domain. Read More


Introducing Zia Voice for iPhone

Now you can make a call or chat with Zia, to get answers for your questions in Zoho CRM from your iPhone. Read More

Clone option for rule entry in assignment rule

While creating assignment rules, an existing rule entry can be cloned and modified to suit your needs. Read More

Moving records to block-list

Now you need to have Manage Compliance Settings permission to move a record to block-list and when a record is block-listed, all the records bearing the same email address will be deleted across all the GDPR enabled modules. Read More

Data back-up feature with a fresh UI and Logs

The user interface of the data back-up feature is revamped and you can even choose when to take backup of your CRM data. The all new Logs section will display the sequence of events in the backup files in a chronological order. Read More

Enhancement in Validation rule

You can now choose to alert users when the conditions of a validation rule are met or even when the conditions are not met. Read More

Enhancements in Projects integration

Introducing field mapping and client account mapping while setting up the Zoho Projects integration in Zoho CRM. Read More

Enhancements in Canvas View

You can now choose a module's canvas view during copy customization. A new section named "My Organization Canvas" is added in all the modules that will display all the canvas views that are created so far for every module. Read More


Share your CRM modules with customers

Introducing Portals in Zoho CRM that enables you to give your clients or customers access to a part of your CRM module. Read More

Enhancements in Zia Voice

While configuring Zia Voice for your Zoho CRM account, you can now simply add actions or skills from the set of six pre-defined options or pre-configure more from the scratch using the Zia Voice developer platform. Read More


Upload files to a record using the File Upload field

Like any other custom field, you can add a file upload field to a module and start uploading documents to the records. Read More

View CRM users' role and profile in Zoho Projects

While creating or associating projects in Zoho CRM you can now view what role and profile a CRM user holds in Zoho Projects. Read More


Integrating CRM Events with Zoho Meeting

You can now integrate your CRM account with Zoho Meeting, a web conferencing solution that will allow you to conduct events or meetings right from your CRM account. Read More

Handling data subject requests in Zoho CRM

You can now add and track data subject rights inside Zoho CRM in a section called Data Subject Requests under the Data Privacy tab of your records. Based on the request type, appropriate actions can be initiated to address these requests. Read More

GDPR compliance preferences

We have now added more settings for consent and personal data handling under the preferences tab of your GDPR compliance settings. Read More


Webform double opt-in

Introducing double opt-in in webforms, one of the best ways to get quality leads into your CRM. Once you enable double opt-in, a confirmation email will be sent to customers for additional verification. Read More

Marking personal fields

You can mark certain fields containing personal information in your modules as Personal fields for additional security. You can even set a sensitivity level for these fields as normal or sensitive. Read More

Data source tracking

Information about your records come into your CRM from multiple sources like forms, third-party integration, import, etc. Zoho CRM will now fetch and display these sources in Data Source section under the Data Privacy tab of your records. Read More

Consent management in Zoho CRM

When you choose Consent as the lawful basis for your data subjects, the consent management in Zoho CRM brings to you a readily available consent form. You can customize this form and send it via email to obtain consent from your subjects. You can also track the consent status under the Data Privacy Tab of your records. Read More

Handling lawful bases for your customers using Zoho CRM

You can enable GDPR for specific modules in your CRM account like Leads, Contacts, Vendors and custom modules. You can update and track the lawful bases for records through a field called Data Processing Basis under the Data Privacy tab of your records. Read More

Introducing GDPR centric enhancements in Zoho CRM

As a Data Processor, Zoho CRM is now GDPR compliant. There are several enhancements that will provide a streamlined mechanism for users to collect, process and store data in Zoho CRM in conformation with the GDPR. Read More

Create Projects for Contacts even without Account

It is not mandatory anymore to have an Account in Zoho CRM to create projects. Projects can be created for Contacts that are not associated to Accounts and the email address of the contact will be used as the client in Zoho Projects. Read More

Introducing Picklist Tracking History

Track every small update in a picklist field with the help of picklist tracking and keep track of the traversal of the picklist value. Read More

Introducing WebApp SDKs

Enhance the versatility of your CRM usage. Zoho provides the tools for a developer to create web applications, which are dynamic extensions of an application in the internet, and integrate it with the CRM. Read More

Enrich your CRM data and keep them updated

Zia helps you in keeping your CRM data complete and updated by enriching your record information with useful details such as company size, phone number or address. Read More

Introducing Canvas View

Build or design your own view in CRM using the Canvas View. You can add record images, use custom buttons to represent fields, use desired font style or size, change the alignment of field types, group similar field types and do much more. Read More


Business Hour Revamp

Customize the business hour of your organization such that it can vary on each day, create shifts to accomodate different timezones, add holiday list for each timezones and mark yourself unavailable in the CRM calendar. Read More

Link Emails to Deal

Avoid confusion and locate your emails easily with email to deal association. Zoho CRM's predefined prediction mechanism automatically links the emails to individual deals. Read More

Share Records from any module along with their related lists

While sharing individual records with other users in your organization, you can share them with or without their related lists. Additionally, records can now be shared from any module. Read More


Introducing Subforms

You can now add a subform to include multiple line items into the primary form(layout) of a module.Read More

Let Zia remind you

You don’t have to set up reminders manually for each activity anymore. Simply select a bunch of records and set Zia reminder. Zia will promptly send you reminders based on their respective Best time to Contact suggestions.Read More

Enhanced Zoho Desk integration

Introducing cool new features like SalesSignal notifications, customer service statistics and a lot more for your Desk integration with Zoho CRM.Read More

Introducing multi-ownership of a record

You can add up to 3 users in a record with ownership privileges. The co-owners will be able to view/edit the related list of the records based on their roles in the organization. Read More

Introducing Validation Rules in Zoho CRM

A poorly maintained set of data can cost a company in more ways than one and it's plain annoying to have to manually verify details of each record when you have more important activities to deal with. Validation rules help you overcome this problem by arresting the wrong kind of data even before it can enter CRM. Read More

Introducing Zoho CRM - Developer Edition

Check out our brand-new edition of Zoho CRM for Developers to test robust CRM implementations, Zoho CRM-centric mobile and web apps, white labelled Vertical CRMs and CRM extensions. Read More

Add records from incoming emails using Email Parser

Add new records to Zoho CRM from incoming emails automatically by extracting information from the email content. Read More

Introducing advanced Time Tracking Filters

You can now filter records in your Zoho CRM account that have been worked on or not worked on in a specified time period.Read More

Introducing Workflow Usage

Monitor the performance of your workflow rules that have the action to send email notifications associated to them. Find out which are the best performing workflow rules for every week and find ways to improve them all. Read More


Introducing Widgets

Widgets in Zoho CRM are embeddable UI components that can be used to perform certain functions that utilizes data from third-party applications seamlessly. Read More

Introducing Connections

Connections is a simple authentication mechanism to connect your Zoho CRM account with any third-party application. Connections can be used to invoke any third party applications’ REST APIs and get access to your authenticated data from your functions or widgets. Read More

Enhanced Functions with easy access

Functions (previously Custom Functions) can now be easily accessed from your Zoho CRM Setup under Developer Space. You can also trigger functions through REST APIs which gives the flexibility to trigger it from anywhere inside Zoho CRM or from any third party application. Read More

Enhanced Sandbox with more flexible options

With the new and improved Sandbox, you can select specific changes to deploy to the production, see whether a change is qualified or conflicted before deploying, deactivate sandbox at your convenience and view a log of all the deployed changes at a glance. Read More

Checklists, SLAs for States and more enhancements in Blueprint!

Module builder in Zoho CRM now has a new and improved look. It is even more easier for you to drag and drop fields and reorder sections. Read More

A Whole New Look for Module builder

Module builder in Zoho CRM now has a new and improved look. It is even more easier for you to drag and drop fields and reorder sections. Read More

Introducing 'Schedule Mail at Best Time' in SalesInbox

Zia will predict your customer's right time of contact and let you know, so that you an schedule your emails for the specified time. Read More

Introducing Outbox Folder in SalesInbox

If you choose to send an email at the best time of the recipient, the email will be saved in the Outbox/Scheduled folder, where you can edit the email if need be. Read More

Schedule Your Emails in Zoho CRM

Set a default time after which you would like to send all your emails in Zoho CRM. Read More

Changing Record Ownership

While transferring the records to another owner, you can select from the list of open activities that you would want to transfer to the new owner. Read More

Create Workflow Rules based on Record Scores

While creating workflow rules choose the record score as one of the criteria. An increase, decrease or update in the record's score will be taken in to account. Read More

Updating Layout Rules

When you edit a primary field used in a layout rule, if there are mandatory fields associated to the rule, these mandatory fields will be captured via a popup prompt. Layout rules will also be verified upon changing Deal Stage, closing a task and on approval of records. Read More

Assign Reporting Managers to Users for a well-defined Record Accessibility

Admin can assign reporting managers to the subordinates, which will ensure an individual's data has restricted view within the organization.Read More

Save a Draft Version of your Blueprint’s Process Flow!

You can now save your Blueprint’s process flow as a draft. Once you are satisfied with the final process flow, you can PUBLISH your draft. Secondly, Blueprints will now have a unified version, that is, records in Zoho CRM will now follow a uniform version of a Blueprint, at a given point in time. Read More


Extending Kanban View to all modules in Zoho CRM

CRM or kanban view is now enabled for all the modules in Zoho CRM. Users can view the CRM data in an organized manner under specific categories. Read More



Customize Users Layout in Zoho CRM

You can customize the details filled in when you add a new user in Zoho CRM. You can add custom fields and sections specific to your organization such as ID card number, Joining Date, Qualification details and so on.Read More

Filters for Trend Dashboards

Three new filters for Users, Time period and Frequency now replace the Trend Slider for all your Trend Dashboards. You can also select and drag a specific portion of your trend graph to zoom in and view the trend for the respective time period.Read More


View total number of records in each saved filter

Advanced filters in Zoho CRM now let you see the total number of records against each saved filter, which are updated real time. A quick snapshot of the total records in each filter will help you easily gauge the status of sales activities in your organization and also enable you to plan your ensuing actions better. Read More

View custom fields added from Zoho Projects inside Zoho CRM

The Zoho Projects integration with Zoho CRM now lets you view the custom fields you may have added in Zoho Projects right inside Zoho CRM. You can capture additional information from within Zoho CRM with these custom fields. Read More


Blueprint now available on the Zoho CRM Mobile app

You can now execute a Blueprint from the Zoho CRM App for iOS and Android. Simply go to the Detail View of a record within a process, tap on the Transition buttons and fill in the required information contextually to complete a process on the go.Read More

Sort records in a list view based on a desired name format

While sorting records in a list view based on names, if you prefer to have a sort pattern that is independent of the display name format, you can now set this preference under Sort Order Preferences. Besides this, you will now find a new field called Full Name under Available Columns. This is a combination of the First Name and Last Name. Read More

Now associate a Social Related List to the Accounts Module

The Social Related List has now been extended to the Accounts module. Apart from an enhanced user interface, this update will let you associate a Facebook page or a profile to the Social Related List of a lead, contact or account. What's more you can now see the updates of your leads and contacts right inside the Social Related List by visiting their Streams. You can also see a record of social conversations with them under Social Interactions. Read More

Use the Chrome Extension for ZOHO CRM in Gmail

Chrome Extension for Gmail enables you to communicate with your Zoho CRM account right inside your Gmail account. You can add new leads or contacts to your CRM Account and also add notes to your records from within your Gmail.Read More

Build templates easily with these new enhancements in the template editor

The drag and drop template editor just got even more fun with a bunch of enhancements. You can now pick background colors using HexCodes. Tables got more flexible with ability to add rows and columns wherever you need them. You can also resize a table's column width by just dragging the border of the column. Lastly, the template content limit has been increased to 200k HTML characters. Read More

Log a manual call using the new Call Popup

While logging a current call manually, you will now see a popup with a call timer to indicate the duration of the call and an option to pause or end the call. You can also enter a description while still on the call. Once you have completed this, the call is logged instantly and can be found in the Activities module. Read More

Filter records based on your customers' Campaigns responses

You can now use Advanced filters to track records based on their Campaign responses. When you filter records based on their response to your recent campaign, you will be able to approach your potential customers in a better way with a refined message based on their response. Read More


Establish multiple record association between modules in Zoho CRM

You can now establish multiple record association between two modules in Zoho CRM using a multi-select lookup field. Read More

Set Feeds Preferences

If you think your Feeds section is getting too busy with a zillion updates, you can now modify Feeds Preferences by choosing the specific modules that you wish to receive updates from. Feeds Preferences are set by the administrator and are applicable to all users of the CRM Organization account. Read More

Integrate Zoho Inventory with Zoho CRM

The Zoho Finance Suite integration now includes Zoho Inventory sync with Zoho CRM. You can now see Ordered Items, Shipment Status and the Packages Related List in the Detail page of accounts and contacts in Zoho CRM. Read More

Add multiple conditions in workflow rules

Multiple conditions in a workflow rule help you address cases where you have clearly defined action items for the records that met the specified criteria and the ones that do not. For each rule, you can add a maximum of 10 conditions in the Enterprise Edition and 5 conditions each in the Standard and Professional Editions.Read More

See what's latest in importing and migrating CRM data

Zoho CRM now presents a refreshing UI and a more seamless functionality with regards to importing/migrating sales data.Read More


Search for duplicate records within Converted Leads

When you mark a field as unique in the Leads module, you will now see an option to enable duplication check for converted leads as well. This will help you make sure that a lead which has been converted to a contact, is not added as a lead again in CRM. Read More

Merge duplicate records in Zoho CRM automatically

Zoho CRM now facilitates auto-merge of duplicate records - that is, when you run the de-duplication check for a module, CRM will now automatically merge records that are exact copies of each other. Read More

Integrating Zoho CRM with Zoho Cliq

With the Zoho Cliq integration for Zoho CRM, share sales information with your peers over chat instantly, without leaving the CRM window. Automate chat notifications via workflows and get activity reminders on chat so you never miss any important sales details. Read More

Introducing LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extension for Zoho CRM

Install the LinkedIn Sales Navigator extension to find your prospects on LinkedIn and connect with them right from Zoho CRM. Push CRM leads, contacts and accounts to Sales Navigator in order to follow up with them on LinkedIn. Read More

Enhancements in Twilio integration with Zoho CRM

  • Call queue: You can now queue up to 25 incoming calls while receiving calls via Twilio. Maximum waiting time for the calls in the queue is 25 minutes.
  • Call hold, resume, and mute: Put your call on hold by clicking the Hold icon on the call pop-up. Click it again to resume your call and also mute your call, if needed.
  • Call preferences: Save your preferences to easily identify your callers to your Twilio numbers while making outbound calls.
Read More


Enhancements in CRM Home tab customization:

Introducing a new view for the Home page called the Customized Home page. Apart from the Classic view and User’s Home, you can now create and share a common view across roles based on what you wish your sales teams to view. Using the Customized Home Page, you can add components you wish them to look at when they log into Zoho CRM. Read More

Automating lead generation via social media

Automate the addition of leads and contacts in CRM via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using social automation rules. For example, set up rules so that whenever someone mentions your brand on Twitter, they get added as a lead in CRM, automatically. Read More

Sticky notes for Zoho CRM

Sticky notes in Zoho CRM are a great way to quickly jot down details about a call, a task or any other information that needs to be easily accessible. These are personal notes and not visible to other users in your CRM account. Sticky notes are available in all Editions of Zoho CRM. Read More

Usage Stats for Workflow Alerts, Webhooks and Custom Functions

Usage graphs have been added for Workflow Alerts, Webhooks and Custom Functions that display the daily or weekly usage statistics for the past 7 days. The data is displayed based on modules, workflow rules and is categorized by date. You can also filter the statistics based on its usage in Workflow, Approval Process, Blueprint, Modules and Templates. Read More

Enhancements in the Home Tab

The customized view in the Home tab has been renamed as “User’s Home” and you can still add and organize components that you want to see in this view. Also, the different views in the Home tab can now be accessed from a drop-down on the top right corner of the home page. You can switch between views that you want to see from this drop-down. Read More

Automate Lead Generation using Social Workflow Rules

Automate the addition of your social media followers as leads and contacts in CRM using social workflow rules. For example, you can instruct CRM to automatically add whoever "mentions" your brand on Twitter as a lead and automatically assign the lead to your sales rep for regular follow-up. Read More

Gmail API

Set up your Gmail account in Zoho CRM via Gmail API, which is the best choice for authorized access to a user's Gmail data. This does not store any of the emails in third-party database providing more security and privacy to your emails. Read More

Zoho Finance Suite Integration with Zoho CRM

You can now generate Zoho Expense Reports to know sales related expenses right inside Zoho CRM. You can also update the status of Invoices, Estimates, Purchase Orders & Sales Orders right from Zoho CRM. Read More


Set up email sharing

A Zoho CRM user's emails can be shared with other users in the organization's CRM account. You can choose to share all the emails, share only the emails from selected customers or keep your emails private. Read More

Multiple reminder support for events.

Zoho CRM now allows you to set reminders for every event you create. You can now set up to 20 reminders for one event. Read More

Two-way task sync in Zoho Projects integration with Zoho CRM

Previously, you could sync a task one way from CRM. Now tasks added in Projects will also be synced with your CRM account. Read More

Configure social media accounts from Personal Settings

You can now add, delete or re-authenticate your personal social media accounts from the Personal Settings page in Zoho CRM.

View Forecasts

You can now view the forecast details based on the target achieved count and the pipeline count in your Zoho CRM. This is applicable for forecasts based on role hierarchy and territory hierarchy. Read More


Enhancements in Zoho Survey Integration with Zoho CRM

The Zoho Survey section in a record's details page was available only for the Leads and Contacts modules. Now it is available for all the modules that support an email address, including custom modules. Read More

Enhancements in Zoho SalesIQ integration with Zoho CRM

In addition to the regular visitor tracking notification popups, you can now also watch out for green dots besides your customers' names to know if they are online on your website. This green dot is designed to appear in the List View and the Details pages of Leads and Contacts. It also appears in the Contacts section of Accounts, Activities and Deals Details pages. Read More



Blueprint is an online replica of your actual business process. With Blueprint, you can standardize your sales processes; build and execute them from within your CRM and let your team follow the same without constant monitoring. This ensures compliance from the entire team, making the process systematic and repeatable.Read More


Zia is an AI-driven sales assistant for Zoho CRM. She optimizes the CRM data through data mining and machine learning to deliver key business information such as sales predictions, suggestions and alerts. Zia helps with understanding business patterns and customer behavior proactively to deliver personalized marketing campaigns and services and thereby improve sales. Zia powered features in Zoho CRM include Best time to Contact, Trend Analysis, Macros suggestions and Workflow related notifications.Read More

SalesSignals Platform

You might use different apps to run your business, but now get updates from them all in one place. With SalesSignals, you can pull information from any third-party app and have it displayed inside Zoho CRM. Increase your productivity by staying updated with notifications, no matter which app they're from.Read More

PhoneBridge Marketplace

Zoho CRM has now fully integrated with 14 cloud PBX and call management solutions that you can choose from, including Jive, AT&T Office@Hand, Aircall, Duocom, Vonage, and more In addition, we’re making it easier for other telephony vendors to integrate with Zoho CRM. We’ve turned PhoneBridge, previously a closed feature of Zoho CRM, into an open platform that helps telephony vendors to integrate with our apps.Read More

Conditional Layouts

Conditional layouts in Zoho CRM offer an interface for you to seamlessly manage dependency between fields in a layout. With conditional layouts, you can make your layouts dynamic - that is, you can establish an interface in which, the particulars in a layout change based on a value entered previously. This helps you reduce clutter.Read More

Scoring Rules

Scoring rules help you automatically assign scores to records based on a specific set of criteria. Based on the record properties like certain fields, calls, emails, social signals, etc., both positive and negative scores points can be attributed to records which makes up to a total score. The scores help you prioritize records and focus more on the important ones. These are applicable for the Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Deals modules.Read More

Zoho CRM for Office 365

We're happy to inform you that Zoho CRM now integrates seamlessly with Office 365. By installing the Zoho CRM app for Office 365, you can sync data between the two applications and have all your users, contacts, and calendars in one place.Read More

Slack Integration with Zoho CRM

Share records or dashboard charts from your CRM to users and Channels in Slack. Notify everyone in the team instantly on sales updates like deal wins and more. Get reminders in Slack for all the activities in your CRM Calendar.Read More

Select all records in a custom view

As part of your sales follow-up activities, you may have to often apply certain bulk actions to all records in a custom list view. Zoho CRM allows you to select all records in a custom view at one go. And you will be able to perform the following bulk actions on the records thus selected. Forum Post - More



Mail Merge Templates extended to custom modules

The mail merge templates in Zoho CRM as well as the Zoho CRM Plugin for MS Word have been improved for better user experience. You can now create mail merge templates for custom modules and also insert merge fields in the subject line of your template. Read More


Enhancements in the CRM Profile Permissions page

The Profile Permissions page in Zoho CRM has been redesigned to give you a hassle free experience in managing user profiles. A major improvement is that the page is organized better by grouping permissions according to the order of modules and Setup categories in CRM. This enables you to find that specific permission you require easily. Read More


Enhancements in template customization

We have enhanced templates in Zoho CRM for better user experience and flexibility, with a few additional new features thrown in. Zoho CRM now offers you the facility to configuring your Organization Email addresses separately. This lets you send emails using email addresses representing your organization. You can also measure the performance of email templates with stats such as clicks, opens, user details and so on. Templates in Zoho CRM now have a better looking and well-organized list page. In addition to that, template management has been made easier. Read more from the forum post - Read More

Layout based conversion mapping

Configure lead conversion mapping settings based on specific layouts in the Leads module. Map fields for lead conversion from a specific Leads layout to their equivalent layouts in Contacts, Accounts and Deals.Read More



SalesInbox is a one-of-a-kind email client made exclusively for your sales force. By adding deep CRM context to your emails, SalesInbox helps you prioritize your email stream, making it easy to keep on top of the most important communication. The email client also lets you organize your inbox with email filters based on CRM data, and also measure the effectiveness of your emails with email stats.Read More


SalesSignals notify you whenever your customers interact with your organization across a range of communication channels. Whether it's a missed call, a missed chat, an email click or an overdue support ticket, you'll receive real time alerts in CRM. Use SalesSignals to stay current on your customers' activities across multiple communication channels. Read More

Email insights

Email insights deliver the data you need to refine your business correspondence. Measure the effectiveness of emails sent from Zoho CRM with accurate email analytics (opens, clicks, replies, bounces), email template performance stats and version history.Read More

Advanced filters

Filter your records based on intelligent search criteria to extract valuable information from your CRM. Suppose you want to pull up any leads that haven't been followed up with yet or deals closing this month that still have overdue tasks. With advanced filters, just input your criteria and apply filter. Once you've isolated the records you're looking for, you can then perform the necessary followup actions, all from within the same screen. Read More


Make sales more fun with peer-to-peer contests for your sales team. Reward high-performers with trophies and badges. Display the names of your team superstars on leaderboards, and liven up your sales game. Read More

Apple Calendar Sync (via CalDAV)

Enable calendar synchronization with your iOS devices—iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch and iPod Touch—via CalDAV to maintain a single calendar for both personal appointments and official CRM events. Read More

True Mobility

With the new Zoho CRM mobile app, seamlessly connect with contacts, access customer information, and find everything you need to close a deal from anywhere, anytime. Keep a record of your office visits by checking in to a client's location and associating that visit with an event on the mobile app. Read More


Choose from over 50 handpicked extensions for Zoho CRM to extend the power of CRM. Improve connectivity with external applications, ranging from customer support software to online marketing tools. Read More


Sandbox is a virtual testing environment that lets companies deploy the code/designs they've developed. Test your settings—automations, customizations—in the Sandbox, and then deploy those configuration to your Zoho CRM account when you are confident they're functioning how they ought to. Read More

Page Layouts

Set up custom page layouts within the same module to target different products/services with specific business processes. Once you have created the layouts, you will be able to choose the layout on record creation - be it via web forms, import, or third party applications (APIs). You will also be able to configure layout-specific workflows, reports and custom views. Read More

CRM Variables

CRM Variables are pseudo-module fields that are used for storing static and reusable information in your Zoho CRM account. These CRM variables have unique set of values that can be widely used as merge fields in email templates, mail merge, and inventory templates. It can also be used as reusable authentication parameters in custom functions, Webhooks, links and buttons, Related Lists, and APIs.Read More


Schedules are automated user-defined actions that are performed through custom functions either at a particular time or on a recurring basis. Integrate your CRM data with your company’s website/intranet, any third-party applications or other Zoho Apps using Schedules. You can periodically sync up your contacts with other applications, push your CRM data to your legacy systems and also alert users about any idle leads or deals with Schedules.Read More

Zoho Finance Suite integration

Zoho Finance Suite integration allows you to link your Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Expense and Zoho Subscription accounts with Zoho CRM. View and monitor invoices, estimates, purchase orders, sales orders, expenses, expenses reports, and subscription details within your Zoho CRM account.Read More

Record-level sharing

Pick and choose the individual records to share and get your team working on deals that require attention from multiple departments.Read More


Zoho Finance Suite Integration

Integrate Zoho CRM with Zoho Finance Suite to get the sales context to your finances. On the integration of Zoho Finance Suite, you will be able to work with Zoho Books, Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho Expenses from Zoho CRM. Read More

Custom Buttons Web Tab Enhancement

Now choose your button action to open a new web tab or from the list of available web tabs in your CRM. This option helps you invoke a URL in a new tab along with merge fields in just a click of a button.Read More


Custom module enhancements

Custom module information will now be listed in the following places:

  • Workflow alert recipients
  • Webhooks
  • Custom functions
  • As a related module while associating field update in workflow rule configuration
  • Subject merge fields (workflow tasks)
  • Template merge fields (Activity modules)


Enhancement in copy customization

Copy customization now supports the option of workflow conversion.

Social Enhancements

Now receive notifications for new mentions, posts and comments by customers via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

IMAP integration extended to Professional Edition

Email integration via IMAP, which was available only for the Enterprise Edition, has now been enabled for the Professional Edition as well.Read More

Improved UI for Customization

Zoho CRM now offers you a seamless navigation experience with customization, by grouping the various customization settings at a single location. Read More


Unsupported merge fields in templates

Unsupported fields are those fields that no longer exist in Zoho CRM for various reasons. If you try to create an email template with the merge field values of such unsupported fields, a popup prompts you to Remove Unsupported Merge Fields before you can save the template. This is applicable for email templates, inventory templates, webhooks and workflow tasks. Read More


BCC Dropbox extended to Potentials

The BCC Dropbox feature has been extended to potentials. Now emails sent with the BCC address will also be associated to potentials related to the contact. Read More

Introducing Social Permissions

“Social Admin” is a new permission, which when enabled, will allow a user to set up social media accounts and manage other user profiles that have access to them. In other words, a Social Admin will have access to the Social Settings.Read More

More custom fields for the Enterprise Edition

The number of custom fields available for the Enterprise Edition has been increased from 300 to 500. The individual limits for each field type has also been increased accordingly. Read More

Workflow Automation for Visits Module

If you have integrated your Zoho CRM account with Zoho SalesIQ, you may want to automate sales processes on the creation of a visit. This function is now possible in Zoho CRM. Read More



Configure workflow alert on event cancellation.

You can now configure workflow alerts on the cancellation of an event. In the Events module, you now have an additional rule trigger called "Cancel", which can be chosen to configure a workflow alert on the cancellation of an event.Read More

Zoho CRM for Google AdWords now available in the Professional Edition.

Google AdWords integration with Zoho CRM, which was available only in the Enterprise Edition of Zoho CRM, is now opened for users of the Professional Edition as well. Read More

My Open Activities custom view introduced in the Activities module.

My Open Activities, a new default list view in the Activities module, displays the open tasks, calls and events of the Zoho CRM user in question. Read More

Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition now supports a maximum of 30 custom modules.

In the Enterprise Edition of Zoho CRM, each organization account will now get one additional module for every 10 additional user licenses over and above the minimum default of 10 modules. Read More

Pin the My Posts & Tweets section in the Social tab

You can now pin the My Posts & Tweets section along with the other default streams in the CRM view of the Social tab. Read More

Now upload multiple files in your web-form.

You can now upload up to 3 files in your web-form. Make sure that the file size of all three files put together does not exceed 20 MB.Read More


Enhancements in Projects Integration with Zoho CRM

You can now categorize projects in Zoho CRM. While creating a project you can select a group that the project belongs to. Read More

Share a macro with fellow users

You can now share a macro that you have created, with other users. Besides this new feature, managing macros gets a new and improved UI. Read More

Custom module name field can now be an auto number field

So far the name field of a custom module could only be a Text field. Now it can be an Auto Number field as well.Read More

Introducing Zoho Motivator Integration with Zoho CRM

Zoho Motivator, a gamification solution aimed at maximizing revenue and driving team engagement can now be integrated with Zoho CRM. Sales reps can participate in sales contests, meet sales targets and showcase their performance to managers and peers. Read More


More Options for Scheduled Calls

Scheduled calls can now be rescheduled, marked as completed or cancelled. These options are available in the call’s details page, list views, related lists, reminders, calendar as well as the Home page’s Activity component. Read More

Enhancements in Approval Process

You can now act on the records submitted for approval from the respective record’s details page itself rather than from the Approvals tab. An option to Respond (Approve, Delegate or Reject) is now available in the details page of a locked record.Read More

More Custom Modules in the Enterprise Edition

The number of custom modules in the Enterprise Edition has been increased from 5 modules to 10 modules. Start creating your custom modules right away!

Set your own Date/Date Time format via Webhooks

Zoho CRM now offers users the option to select their desired Date/Date Time format and Time Zone during Webhook param configuration.

Zoho PhoneBridge now available in the Zoho CRM Standard Edition

Zoho PhoneBridge which was previously available only for Enterprise and Professional Editions is now available in the Standard Edition of Zoho CRM as well.

Specify Application Name for an Auth Token

Zoho CRM now allows users to enter an Application Name for generating an Auth Token. The Application Name is useful in easily understanding the purpose of generating the Auth Token and differentiating Auth Token generation across different applications. Read More


Submit Custom Functions Requirements

If you find that the Custom Functions Gallery does not have a pre-defined custom function to suit your requirements, you can post your specific needs to us. This can now be done from your Zoho CRM account itself while you configure custom functions.

Enhancements in Zoho Survey integration with Zoho CRM

You can now automatically push CRM users to your Survey account easily during configuration. Even if you have not prepared a survey email template, you can directly select and send a survey to a customer from the Compose Email popup. In addition to this, you can create, send and attend a survey from the Zoho Survey related list. Read More

Improved UI for Web Form Embedding Options

The user interface for web form embedding options has been improved for ease of use. You can simply select from Source Code, Embed or iFrame format and paste the code on your website. If required you can also choose to track Google Adwords information of the incoming lead/contact via web form.Read More

Enhancements in Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Records that were not added in a previous synchronization will now be marked as 'Ignored' during previous sync and will automatically be unchecked. This way you easily know which records were not synchronized previously and you don’t have to uncheck them manually every time you sync records. Also, Contacts/Tasks/Calendar Synchronization details are now presented to you in three categories – To Add, To Update and To Delete for better clarity.


Filters in Audit Log and Approval History

From the exhaustive list of entries in the Audit Log, you can find out the required information using filters. Filter data based on entities, users, actions and time. The same set of filters is also available to filter entries in the Approval History. Read More


Limits for creating recurring tasks from list view

There is a limit to the number of recurring tasks that you can create in bulk for records from the list view. The limits are specific to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly repeat options. Read More

Reminder Option for Workflow Tasks in Standard Edition.

Workflow Tasks are triggered when the associated Workflow Rule is executed. These tasks have the option to set reminders which is now available for users in the Standard Edition of Zoho CRM.

Introducing Due in Days in the Criteria for Date and Date-time fields

While specifying Age in Days it lets you filter records based on a past date in terms of the number of days. Due in Days will let you do so based on a future date. Be it a potential that is going to close in the next 8 days or a task that is to be completed in the next 6 days, you can view them using the Due in Days option. Read More


Mass convert Leads, Quotes, Sales Orders

You can now convert multiple leads into potentials at the same time. Not just leads, but you can also mass convert quotes and sales orders in a single shot. Besides mass conversion, you can also automate conversion of records by using workflow rules. Read More


Zoho CRM Plug-in for MS Outlook allows automatic synchronization of Event attendees

Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook (Windows) automatically synchronizes Event attendees from Microsoft Outlook to Zoho CRM. Similarly, when an event created in Zoho CRM is synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, the participants are added in Microsoft Outlook as attendees.Read More

Report Scheduler limits increased

The Report Scheduler limitation has been increased from 40/organization to 20/user for all paid editions. Organizations can have a maximum of 100 schedulers per day. Also, only the Report Scheduler Owner can edit/delete/view report schedulers.


Introducing Allowed IPs

You can now limit the access to Zoho CRM from specific IP addresses and keep your data in CRM secure. Read More

Enhancements in Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook for Windows OS

Zoho CRM Plug-in for MS Outlook (Windows) just got better with enhancements in record synchronization, editing and duplicate checks. Read More


New email options introduced in Custom modules

True to their name, custom modules can now be customized even further with respect to their emailing options. You can now send/schedule mass emails, use email opt out option and set auto-responders! Read More

Customization of fields and links just got a lot easier

Customization of some special fields has gotten easier with a set of new enhancements in the user interface. Link customization has also become easier with an new modification in setting permissionsRead More.


Administrator can approve/reject records waiting for others' approval

The administrator of a Zoho CRM account can now directly approve or reject other users' records that are waiting for approval.

Phone number validation across Zoho CRM

Phone number validation has been introduced across all modules in Zoho CRM. Any phone number entered will be validated and accepted only in the correct formats to ensures that your database does not accumulate junk.Read More

Google AdWords info displayed for Visits

The marketing information section of the Visits will now capture Google AdWords information as well.Read More

Additional print options for records

Additional options aside from the default print option have been introduced for all records across modules. These are Mail Merge, Email Templates and Inventory Templates.Read More

Notes section revamp

The Notes feature across all modules in Zoho CRM has been enhanced to be made more user-friendly. Read More


Name field label of custom modules made editable

The field labels of default fields in custom modules are not usually editable. But the Module Name field label can now be renamed. Read More

More options added in Date/DateTime criteria

We have added more options in the list of date and datetime criteria for your easier selection. Read More

Free Edition - 10 Users free forever!

Zoho is reaching it’s 10th year in the market and to celebrate this occasion, we are offering 10 users free forever in our Free edition. Read More

API related enhancements

getSearchRecordsByPDC is now supported to search with list of emails for the predefined column "email". Read More



Pulse functionality in Feeds tab

Remember the cool functionality to keep track of Inactive records and Records followed by You that you had in the Pulse tab? They are back in the Feeds module now as 'Untouched Records' and 'Followed by me' options.Read More

Auto-Follow Rules can now be set by Administrator

As part of retaining the best features of Pulse, we have brought back the administrator's ability to set auto-follow rules for other users in the Feeds module.Read More

Zoho Projects enhancements

Zoho Projects integration just got better with a handful of enhancements!Read More

Deleting a user from your Zoho CRM Account

The Super Admin (Primary Contact) can permanently delete a user from the Zoho CRM account. Read More

Contacts look-up is enhanced to handle multiple related accounts

While creating/editing record in any module, the contact look-up popup now displays "contacts related to the Account1", "contacts related to the Account2" and "All contacts" to choose from. Also, its just enough if you hit the 'Enter Key' to get search results instead of GO.

The User-based look-up in criteria editor has been changed to drop-down

While editing/specifying a criteria, Account Owner/Created by/Modified by selection used to happen from a look-up popup. Now this has been changed to a drop-down. Also users are listed in the drop-down along with their photo and a check-box so you can now select multiple users at the same time.

Increased rate limit for searchRecords API method

The rate limit for searchRecords API method has now been increased. Previously, the limit was 20 calls per minute and this has been now increased to 60 calls per minute.Read More

Zoho Survey Integration updates

Zoho Survey integration just got better with a handful of enhancements that includes automatic appending of record id in the survey url, encryption of survey urls for additional security and more! Read More


Free-flow scripting for Custom Functions

Custom Functions in Workflow Automation now supports free-flow scripting as well. Also, while configuring a workflow rule trigger based on a date-field value, the limit for rule execution has been extended from 20 days to 90 days.Read More

Update list prices of products in bulk

Update the list prices of products under one price book in one shot using the Import List Price option.Read More

Schedule calls from Calendar

Earlier you could assign records to territories only based on an account rule. Now, you can assign records to territories based on a potential rule as well. Read More

Potential assignment rule for territories

Earlier you could assign records to territories only based on an account rule. Now, you can assign records to territories based on a potential rule as well. Read More

Locking Workflow Rule

You now have an option to lock a workflow rule that you have configured. This way, you can ensure that a rule cannot be changed even by mistake. Read More

New API Methods

We've introduced searchRecords, getModules and getDeletedRecordIds Methods in Zoho CRM API. Read More

Approval Process Automation

Now you can configure a set of criteria so that the records that meet these criteria are automatically submitted for the approval of users selected. Read More

Booking Accommodation for Your Teams from Zoho CRM

Easily find the best hotels and the best offers while arranging accommodation for your teams directly from Zoho CRM. The feature is powered by TravelNow, the Expedia Affiliate. Read More

Enhancements in Inventory Modules

Inventory modules in Zoho CRM have been improved to be more user-friendly. The Product Details section has been revised. Read More

Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook for Mac

Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook has now been extended to Mac users as well. You can now synchronize contacts, calendar events and tasks from Microsoft Outlook to Zoho CRM, associate Microsoft Outlook inbound and outbound emails with Potentials in Zoho CRM. Read More

Additional Character-Limit Options for Text Area

When you create a Text Area field for a module, you can now choose between two options with respect to the character limit – ‘Small’ Text Area and ‘Large’ Text Area. Read More

Enjoy more API Calls

The minimum limit for API calls has been altered. Now you can enjoy more API calls without having to upgrade. Read More

Workflow Field Update for Professional Edition

Enterprise users have a Field Update option, which helps them to automatically update certain field values in the records, when the associated workflow rule is triggered. Now this can be done from Professional Edition as well. Read More


Zoho CRM for Google Ads

Zoho CRM for Google Ads allows you to measure a customer's journey from the click to the conversions. It pulls the AdWords campaigns data into CRM, and exports the offline conversion data from CRM to AdWords. This integration also provides you with the ROI of each ad campaign, giving you a clear picture of the campaigns to invest and the ones to discard. Read More

CRM View - A New Design Approach

The CRM View intelligently scans your customers according to their stages in the sales cycle. It’s categorized based on the leads, customers and potential customers, which gives you a fair idea of the activities that demand your attention. The CRM View is going to be available across all the modules, starting off with Activities, Social and Visits. Read More

Social Selling

With the new Social tab, you can listen to customer conversations over social media and engage with them right from your CRM account. The CRM View for Social helps you identify which tweets and Facebook posts are coming from existing customers, from prospects and from unknown contacts. So now you can easily connect with prospects and build better customer relationships without leaving your CRM account.Read More

Turn Website Visitors into Customers

Website visitors are the hottest prospects for any business. And with Visitor Tracking, you can turn more website visitors into qualified leads. Visitor Tracking gives you complete visibility into the online activities of your customers and prospects such as the pages navigated, the duration of each website visit and the actions performed on each page. With CRM View for Visitor Tracking, you can prioritize your prospects list and plan your conversations before contacting them. Read More

Collaborative CRM

Feeds give you instant insights into what’s happening in your sales pipeline. It takes Sales Tracking to the next level by allowing you to follow prospects that matter the most to your business. A centralized location for communication, Feeds give you the flexibility to work as groups, share attachments, send direct messages and to post statuses.Read More

Send Surveys. Analyze Results. Increase Customer Retention.

You can now regularly schedule surveys, automate and distribute them right from Zoho CRM. The survey results are shown contextually within CRM, giving you better insights on the customers’ needs and to chart out an effective strategy for customer retention. Read More

Integration with Hosted PBX

Zoho PhoneBridge is now integrated with Twilio and Ringio. So you can make and receive calls from CRM, set up IVR menu configuration depending on your organization’s needs, associate activities after a call, add notes and do lots more! Read More


Zoho Support Integration

Zoho Support Integration is now extended to all paid editions of Zoho CRM. Read More

Data Backup

Enjoy 2 free data backups per month in paid editions. Want more? You can always get more data backups by paying $10 per request. Read More

Zoho CRM Mobile App is now Free

Zoho CRM mobile app is now free for all customers on any edition. Enjoy complete functionality (read and write access) to the mobile apps, irrespective of the edition.Read More

Introducing Merge fields for Tasks in Workflow and Macro

Choosing a dynamic value for task's Subject field in your Workflow Tasks and Macros just got easier with Merge Fields support.Read More

Increased File Storage

We have now upgraded the file storage plan for all organizations irrespective of the edition.Read More

Increased Export Limit

We're now giving 20,000 records for the first 5 csv export reports.Read More


Create and Map Fields Easily During Data Migration

Migrating data from other CRM systems into Zoho CRM got even more easier! Zoho CRM automatically identifies f ields that are not mapped but available in your import file and you can create them easily during the migration. Read More

Significant Enhancements in Zoho Projects Integration with Zoho CRM

Create your Zoho Projects Portal, set permission for profiles, enable client account mapping, track and manage your project details - all from within Zoho CRM. Read More


New UI for Import History

Get the detailed list of records that were added, updated, and skipped, along with the records' row numbers. Rollback button is now renamed as 'Undo the Import' and you have a lock icon instead of the confirm option.Read More

Workflow Rule Trigger Options Get More Flexible

You can now trigger workflow rules based on the 'Date Field Value'.Read More

Mark Frequently Used List Views as Favorites

It's now easy to access the most used list view with the new categorization. The list views are classified as 'Created by Me', 'Shared with Me' and 'Favorites'. Read More

Specify Criteria for Pick-list Fields from Drop-down List

While specifying a criteria for a pick-list field, you don't have to enter the value manually. The values are auto-populated so you just need to select a value from the list. Read More

Group Calendar View, Event Invitations, and more...

With the new UI and navigation, you can now get a clear view of the daily, weekly, and monthly events. You can view events for individual users, groups, and territories. That's not all, you can create events, send out invitations, track RSVPs and much more!Read More


Real-time editor in Document Library

Make document revisions fun and instant with the new real-time editor in Document Library. View the changes made by your team mates and collaborate in chat with them, then and there!... Read More



Territory Management

Large organizations with complex sales structure usually organize their sales team across product lines, geography, customer size, etc. If your organization follows any of these sales structures then Territory Management helps you manage sales across your organization effortlessly... Read More

Custom Modules

Every business has a set of requirements that may not fit into the standard modules, such as leads, accounts, contacts, potentials etc. Custom Modules allows you to develop new modules without programming skills and seamlessly integrate with core CRM modules... Read More

Custom Functions

Automatically push the CRM data to external Apps through a custom function from Deluge Script builder, so that you can retrieve useful information instantly and make the customer record better... Read More


Listen to and engage conversation with customers from your company's Facebook and Twitter accounts within Social tab. Every time a customer writes on your company’s Facebook page or mentions your @handle in Twitter, those interactions will be captured for your sales team just like emails... Read More

Web Forms

Web form for Leads, Contacts and Cases just got better with WYSIWYG editor, Captcha, file upload and much more. Create professional-looking web forms, publish them in Zoho Sites, WordPress, Googe Sites, Joomla based sites... Read More

Integration with Zoho Campaigns

You can now send campaigns from Zoho Campaigns using your Zoho CRM's mailing list. Plan, execute and extract specifics on how many emails were delivered, opened, unopened, clicked, etc. from CRM and benefit from the powerful integration. ... Read More

Integration with Zoho Calendar

With the advanced sync functionality between Zoho CRM's Calendar and Zoho Calendar, you can now streamline events and keep a centralized track of your schedule. View, edit and create new Zoho CRM Calendar of events from Zoho Calendar... Read More


Keep Track of Time with Sales Metric Reports

Timing is everything in sales! Use the Sales Metric Reports in Zoho CRM to calculate the valuable time spent on converting leads to closing deals...Read More


Capture trade show leads directly into CRM

What if you could replace the traditional badge scanner with a smart, mobile application that connects directly to your CRM application? Here's how you could do it and much more with the Leads App...Read More


Introducing Business Card Scanner App

Entering business card details manually into your CRM system is not fun. Any solution that helps automate data entry is a win for CRM users. That's the idea behind the new Card Scanner app...Read More


View customer information from third-party apps

Pull in any customer related information from custom apps and third-party applications and get a holistic view of your customer's information right within Zoho CRM...Read More

MailMagnet for Mobile Phones

Missing out on important customer emails while on the go? MailMagnet users can now receive their customers' emails inside Zoho CRM mobile app without fiddling with their phone's email settings...Read More

BCC dropbox

Send emails to your customers from your favorite email client, and have them linked to the right lead or contact in CRM using BCC dropbox...Read More


Document Library

One of the most common requests I get from the Zoho sales team goes like this: ”I am working with a hot prospect who is evaluating our product and X & Y competitors – can you email me all the UPDATED documents asap?”...Read More



Zoho CRM for Mobiles

Have time to kill after a meeting is cancelled with a customer? Turn a lost opportunity into a winning potential by finding nearby customers on the go. The customer locations are displayed on the map from where you can get the driving directions to the customer's location...Read More


Integration with Twitter

Connect with your customers even better right from within your CRM account. What’s more, you can tweet, reply to tweets, retweet or favorite recent tweets of your prospects. So how does this help you increase sales? Here are a few ways... Read More

Workflow Enhancements

Earlier, workflow rules were triggered if records were individually modified. Now, Workflow Rules will also be triggered for records that have been modified using Macros and Mass Update functions... Read More


MailMagnet intelligently scans your mailbox and displays only emails from prospects and customers that are relevant to you inside CRM. You can also instantly reply to emails, add follow-up tasks and write important notes... Read More


Integration with Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns, the latest addition to the Zoho Suite, is tightly integrated with Zoho CRM. You can execute your email campaigns and also keep track of  the responses...Read More

Workflow Rules for Activities

Save time by automating your Tasks, Events and Calls. You can send email alerts for pending tasks or even send notifications to senior management on the completion of 'high-priority' tasks...Read More


Zoho CRM for iPad

On a plane, at a remote location or travelling by car? You can stay in complete control of your business anywhere, anytime with the Zoho CRM native App for iPad...Read More

Integration with Zoho Reports

The Zoho Reports Integration supplements the established reporting engine in Zoho CRM with BI and advanced reporting capabilities. You can now visually analyze your CRM information, by creating insightful reports and dashboards using a drag and drop interface...Read More


Zoho CRM Macros

Zoho CRM Macros combine Emails, Tasks and Field Updates into a single action so that you can save time...Read More


Integration with Facebook

Zoho CRM now offers an integration with Facebook, thus bringing your customers’ Facebook profiles inside your CRM account itself. So, how does this help to build better customer relationships? Here are a few ways...Read More



Your CRM and Accounting software must support the sales transactions & receivables/payable in multiple currencies due to Government regulations or business model. Keeping in mind the business needs of companies who deal with global currencies, we at Zoho CRM offer complete support for multiple currencies...Read More

Zoho CRM for Android Phones

Access customer data from your Android phones with the Zoho CRM native application for Android...Read More

Custom Links

As a Zoho CRM User, you can now create custom links that help you use your customer data in an efficient manner. You might depend on other online Apps for information – like Zoho Support for tracking your Customer Support Requests. By defining custom links, you can navigate to the required service directly from your CRM account...Read More


Pulse Enhancements

While you’re looking up this ‘important prospect’, you may want to get a quick view of the deal – like the stage, the probability, the expected revenue and the closing date. Now that the Summary View is a part of the Pulse page, it is easy to see more details about any record that you’re following...Read More


We will keep this read-only mode accessible to customers all the time, so that in the event of an outage in our primary data center, your access to data will be preserved...Read More




Communicate with third-party applications by sending instant web notifications every time an event occurs... Read More

Integration with LinkedIn

Associate LinkedIn profiles of your leads and contacts inside Zoho CRM. You can view their profiles and also comment on profile updates... Read More

Integration with Zoho Creator

Build custom applications to suit your specific business needs. You can create custom tabs by bringing Zoho Creator applications, forms and views inside Zoho CRM... Read More