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Everlasting customer relationships rest on
three central pillars:

  • Insight

    Know your customers like the back of your hand.

  • Experience

    Personalize customer journeys each step of the way.

  • Intelligence

    Predict customer needs before they arise, and work smarter.

  • Experience

  • Intelligence

  • foundation

Customer segmentation

  • Segment your customers based on their purchase patterns using the RFM model (recency, frequency, monetary value).
  • Utilize this information to build targeted marketing campaigns that result in higher conversions.
  • Identify unique upselling and cross-selling opportunities while improving customer engagement.
Learn how customer segmentation helps you
Customer segmentation Bg

Webform analytics and testing

  • Analyze webforms with statistics based on total leads generated, lead source, form abandonment rates, and more.
  • Generate visual charts to get a quick picture on the performance of all your webforms.
  • Conduct sophisticated webform A/B tests, with control over parameters such as traffic and test duration.
Get the best out of your webforms
Webform analytics and testing BgWebform analytics and testing Bg

Marketing attribution

  • Link sales and marketing data together to identify marketing campaigns with high ROI.
  • Identify which campaigns work best at each stage of your pipeline.
  • Associate deals with the appropriate campaign and tailor future interactions with your contacts accordingly.
Find out how marketing attribution works
Marketing attribution Bg
  • Classify sales and marketing data into cohorts and identify useful patterns across different groups.
  • Discover useful metrics, such as customer retention during different periods, lead conversion trends, and more.
  • Organize information into matrices using quadrant analysis, and identify underlying trends in your sales data.
Cohort and quadrant analysis Bg

Analytics app

  • Access the Zoho CRM Analytics app to view all your CRM dashboards on the go.
  • Dashboards remain synced so you always have the latest metrics at your fingertips.
  • All dashboards are interactive so you can lay them out based on your selected parameters.
Discover the Zoho CRM Analytics app
Analytics app BgAccess sales dashboards on the go with the Zoho CRM analytics app


  • Lead customers on personalized journeys from their first interaction with your brand, up to the point of purchase, and beyond.
  • Create complex flows across modules and integrate third-party app actions when needed.
  • Monitor metrics about each journey. Identify any unseen bottlenecks or delays that may be hindering your customers in their journeys.
Start personalizing your customer journeys
Prediction Builder Bg

Prediction Builder

  • Create predictions for any field, in any module of Zoho CRM.
  • Fine tune the default predictive model based on your chosen parameters to improve prediction accuracy.
  • Make improved sales decisions based on predictions.
Learn how the prediction builder works

Zia recommendations and assignment suggestions

Zia recommendationsAssignment suggestions
  • Improve lead conversion rates and deal size through intelligent suggestions.
  • Route prospects to the best available rep automatically, based on Zia's analysis of a rep's interaction history.
  • Receive recommendations for cross-sell or upsell opportunities relevant to a particular lead.
Zia recommendations and assignment suggestions Bg

Zia for email

  • Get the best out of your emails with Zia's in-depth analyses.
  • Gauge customer sentiment in all incoming emails to help prioritize your responses.
  • Create activities and events from emails, enrich customer data from email signatures, and more.
Find out more about Zia for email


  • Simplify complex record creation efforts with data collection wizards.
  • Build a sequence of small contextual data entry forms to help sales reps capture information efficiently.
  • Set up automated actions between stages or upon submission.
Read more about data collection wizards
Wizards BgWizards Bg

Multiple pipelines

  • Manage sales processes unique to various product lines, geographies, or other parameters.
  • Customize each stage of your pipeline to suit your organization's requirements.
  • Get detailed reports to help you analyze the performance of each sales pipeline.
Learn how to set up multiple sales pipelines

Review process

  • Verify and approve all data before it is entered into Zoho CRM to ensure accuracy.
  • Create a review process and designate team members as reviewers.
  • Empower reviewers to verify record information before approving or rejecting it, and allow them to add comments where appropriate.
Find out more about review processes

*Feature will be enabled in phases

Services and appointments Bg

Services and appointments

  • Utilize the new module dedicated to service-based businesses to improve service delivery and customer experience.
  • Create a detailed service catalogue for your business.
  • Manage all related activities and information like appointments, invoices, and job cards.

Call customization

  • Record detailed, contextual information on all your calls to improve the quality of your conversations with prospects.
  • Track pertinent details like the call purpose or outcome, and even add custom details to all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Use this information to refine follow-up conversations as needed.

*Feature will be enabled in phases

Call customization Bg

Workflow suggestions and reports

Workflow suggestionsWorkflow reports
  • Identify automation opportunities with Zia's workflow suggestions.
  • Improve productivity by quickly setting up workflows customized for your organization.
  • Understand the effectiveness of your workflows with detailed performance breakdowns of each action in the process.
Marketing attribution Bg
Custom Signals Bg

Custom Signals

  • Get a complete view of every touchpoint your customer has with your business.
  • Create custom Signals for customer interactions on third party apps.
  • Customize how signals are displayed to make them more meaningful to you.

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