Who is Zoho CRM for?

Zoho CRM can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of any business type and size. Modern CRM systems such as Zoho CRM are used by start-ups, large enterprises, and verticals like real-estate, healthcare, insurance, legal, media, restaurants, travel, banking, tax, freelancers, and non-profits to increase their sales, marketing, and customer support efforts.


From managing an account's contact information to staying up to date with business deals, payments, and reports, Zoho CRM enables B2B companies stay on top of their sales operations. It helps them create a common platform to keep their partners, vendors, and other stakeholders of their business in sync with each other.


B2C companies have shorter customer life cycles, and they typically require a solution that is more direct and less time-consuming. Zoho CRM features like lead management, instant surveys, marketing automation, etc. helps B2Cs reach out to their customers more easily.


SMBs aren't small and medium businesses but smart and modern businesses. There's no truth to the common misconception that cloud CRM is too expensive and complicated for SMBs. They can always start their CRM journey with the free version of Zoho CRM. By being a great technological leveller, small business CRM systems provide SMBs with a level playing field and the ability to compete against the bigger players in their industry.


With advanced CRM features like workflow management, advanced analytics, territory management, sales and marketing automation, Zoho CRM can help reduce the time salespeople spend on mundane tasks, have more time to concentrate on their customers and unify their operations across multiple geographic locations.

What are the benefits of Zoho CRM?

If you're finding it hard to manage sales, marketing, and customer relations, maybe it's time you upgraded to sophisticated, all-inclusive business software like Zoho CRM.

Boost sales

With Zoho CRM, you can identify, nurture, and follow up on quality leads. This means that you don't waste time and resources on a prospect that probably won't become a customer.

business process

Help your team stay productive by defining and building efficient processes for your business. Zoho CRM can help you ensure that standards are followed while processes are executed.

decision making

Zoho CRM gives your decision makers accurate data from across your organization using analytics and reports so they can react to market trends with better decisions.

Data security
and compliance

You can rest assured that your customer data is safe in Zoho CRM data centers, safeguarded by top-of-the-line physical and digital security mechanisms.


Zoho CRM mobile ensures that your team has access to important CRM data, no matter where they are. A sales rep in the field can pull up information about nearby customers or drop by for a meeting on the go.

Better customer satisfaction

Zoho CRM arms your team with all the historical data of a customer, as well as information regarding similar issues faced by others which helps your team resolve customer inquiries quickly, ensuring they leave satisfied.

Zoho CRM
you get

Improvement in lead
conversion rates.


Revenue increase
per salesperson.


Improvement in
customer retention.


sales cycles


Decreased sales and
marketing costs.

What does Zoho CRM do for your business?

SFA Sales Process Omnichannel Analytics AI

Sales Force Automation

Automate routine sales, marketing, and support functions that take up valuable work time, giving you more time to concentrate on your customers. Create optimized workflows that help you reduce manual data entry, eliminate redundancies, and speed up your overall process.

Lead Management

Capture leads, automate lead scoring, identify leads that will convert, and follow up with detailed contact information.

Learn more about lead management

Deal Management

Close more deals in less time. Track what stage your deals are currently in, and seize every opportunity at the optimal moment.

Learn more about deal management

Contact Management

Get real-time insights about your customers, connect with them across channels, and build strong relationships.

Learn more about contact management

Workflow Automation

Every time your team follows up with a lead or updates a field it requires significant manual work. Learn how to perform these tasks much faster, using workflows.

Learn more about workflow automation
Lead Management Deal Management Contact Management Workflow automation

Process Management

Does your sales team know what to do at each stage in your pipeline? With Blueprints, your sales team can find out the next move to make at any moment. Define your sales process for your whole team to follow.

Sales Process Builder

Bring your offline sales processes into your CRM and make sure all your sales reps follow it at every turn.

Learn more about sales process builder

Processing Rules

Set up rules in your CRM based on your real-life sales processes. Assign leads to the right sales rep, approve discounts and validate sales data based on your criteria.

Learn more about processing rules
Sales Process Builder Processing Rules


Converse in real time with customers and prospects. Get notified when someone interacts with your brand—whether they're browsing your website, reading an email, or talking about your brand on social media.


Handle email communication completely inside Zoho CRM. Send emails, associate emails to CRM records, and get email insights.

Learn more about email


Connect your telephony provider to make calls from within Zoho CRM. Schedule calls, get reminders, and save call logs from every interaction.

Learn more about telephony


Monitor what people are saying about your brand online, and automatically capture new leads from social media that aren't in your CRM.

Learn more about social

Customer portals

Facilitate prospects with a self-service portal where they can view your products and make purchasing decisions.

Learn more about customer portals
Telephony Screen telephony-screen Customer Portals


The more your business grows, the more you need to know. Measure the performance of every sales activity, and break quotas down into achievable targets with Zoho CRM's reports, analytics, and forecasts.

Analytical Components

Create dashboards, analyze trends, stay on top of your key performance indicators, and know where you stand on your targets.

Learn more about analytical components


Real-time reporting gives you insight into a variety of metrics such as sales trends, marketing campaigns, activity reports, and team performance.

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Analytical Components Reports Screen

Predictive Sales and Intelligence

Zia is an AI assistant included in Zoho CRM who can help you manage your CRM data. Zia can fetch the information you want, take notes, predict the future of a sale, detect anomalies, automate tasks, and more! Stay on top of every activity with the newest member of your team.

Zia Voice

Need some help? Ask Zia, the conversational assistant built into Zoho CRM. She can help you with many of your everyday activities, from taking notes to computing sales numbers. She's always up for a conversation.

Learn more about zia voice

Lead & Deal Prediction

Zia can predict the likelihood of success for every lead and deal in your CRM, making life simpler for your team.

Learn more about lead & deal prediction
Lead & Deal Prediction

JusCollege's sales increased from $1 million to $20 million in only two years because of Zoho CRM. We are ready to make a bigger investment into Zoho and increase our use of workflows and automations.

Zoho CRM is essentially the brain of our company. It holds all of our memory. My executives can generate workflow loads and custom functions themselves. It's incredibly useful for us; we can accomplish new initiatives quickly.

Zoho CRM saves us a ton of time and really allows us to have smooth and quick interactions with customers allowing us to fit in more work per day. I recommend Zoho CRM as often as I can.

Allan Teruel,CEO, JusCollege
Aurian De Maupeou,Co-founder, Selectra
Chester Hull,Founder/CEO, Prosound
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