The right words can elevate your sales leadership

  • 8th November11am-12pm PDT
  • By Diane DarlingCEO of Map My Customers

Are your emails and conference contacts getting you nowhere? Don't worry, author and network expert Diane Darling is here to teach you how to put together a stellar proposal that'll hook your prospects in minutes.


When you're in the business of making sales, efficiency is what matters.

Join our webinar with Matthew Sniff, CEO of Map My Customers, to learn the best practices to increase productivity, achieve targets, and earn more commission.

How to turn conference conversations into sales

August 22 | 11am-12pm PDT

Diane will take you through her 5-step strategy for converting a random conversation at a conference into a loyal fan, strategic partner, or paying client. People are swamped with random emails, social outreach, and everyday distractions—learn how to cut through the noise and make a connection.

During this presentation, you'll discover:

  • The top mistakes people make at conferences, and how to avoid them.
  • Why attending events makes sense—even for introverts.
  • How to turn a random conversation into a meaningful one that leads to business.
  • Why you should be prepared to ask the first question, and what that has to do with sales.
  • Tools, apps, and systems that streamline the sales process.

5 ways to write emails that get answered

August 29 | 11am-12pm PDT

Diane will show you how to write emails that get opened and answered. Discover how to avoid being "one of those people" who sends emails that get put in the "answer later" pile. Our inboxes are buried in clutter every day—knowing how to stand out is the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

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