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Omnichannel Customer Engagement with Zoho CRM

  • Do people reach out to you on more than one communication channel?
  • Are your interactions scattered across different handles?
  • Are you having a hard time being consistent across your different channels?
  • Is maintaining your presence on more than one platform becoming a challenge?

Zoho CRM helps you connect with your customers through multiple channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, telephony, and more, all while centralizing their information on one platform, the CRM.

Join us on our Omnichannel Engagement webinar to learn how Zoho CRM can be the perfect solution for any of your communication issues.

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Ramya - Zoho CRM Webinar Speaker

About Ramya

Ramya is a Customer Success Expert at Zoho who is keen in helping new prospective clients in getting introduced to Zoho CRM. She strongly believes that customers are the biggest assets of any company, hence takes meticulous efforts to ensure the happiness of the prospects through her informative webinars.

Divya Rajalakshmi - Zoho CRM Webinar Speaker

About Divya Rajalakshmi

Divya Rajalakshmi is a customer success expert. She educates organizations about Zoho CRM through informative and lively webinars to help them develop guidelines and reach their targets. She strongly believes that satisfied customers are the most important asset to any organization.