Turn tweets into leads with Zoho CRM

Twitter is a social media platform where people express their opinions. Your customers could be talking about you online! Zoho CRM lets you join in on the conversation, find new prospects, and manage your business' Twitter profile.

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  • How can you use Zoho CRM for Twitter?
  • React to posts, reply with comments or make new posts on Twitter from Zoho CRM
  • Get notified when someone mentions or messages your brand on Twitter
  • Monitor what your competition and the industry is upto
  • Enhance CRM data by saving social media conversations to contacts

Live audience engagement

Keep your audience engaged on Twitter. Create new posts or reply to comments and messages in real time from within the Social Tab in Zoho CRM. From sharing content to replying to posts, you can get everything done on one platform.  

Manage your Twitter account from CRM

Create keyword listening streams

You can use listening streams to keep track of keywords that relate to your company, campaigns, or competition. You can set up streams to follow hashtags, posts from specific accounts, and posts that use particular search terms. You can track what people think or how the market is trending so you can align your sales strategy to keep up.

Hashtag and keyword monitoring for Twitter

Follow conversations about your brand

Your social dashboard allows you to focus on the social media conversations that are relevant to your business. Follow what your prospects and customers are saying about your brand on Twitter with keyword tracking in the Monitor Tab. You can also set up SalesSignals to get realtime notifications every time a prospect or competitor messages you or mentions your brand, even when you're in Zoho CRM. These tweets are automatically saved to the contact's details so you have their history of social interactions.

Get notifications in CRM when someone interacts with your brand

Turn conversations into opportunities

The Social Tab shows you if tweets about your business are from someone already in your database or if they're from a new lead. You can manually add these new leads to CRM or automate lead generation using triggers from interactions, like someone liking or retweeting your tweets. Automatically assign these leads and contacts to your sales reps with assignment rules, follow-up tasks, and reminders. 

Automatically save lead from Twitter interactions

Bring Twitter and CRM conversations together

Once a contact has been added to Zoho CRM, you can access their information, deal history, and activities from the Social Tab. Keep track of the most recent social conversations your business has had with your contacts. Empowered with real-time information, you'll never miss out on potentially relevant data in your responses to tweets and posts.

Save Twitter conversations to CRM records