States and Transitions

States and Transitions form the primary building blocks of a Blueprint in Zoho CRM. Understanding these terms is paramount to desinging a Blueprint.



Each stage in a process is referred to as a "State" in Blueprint. For example, a deal in your sales pipeline goes through different stages such as Qualification, Needs Analysis and Negotiation until it is won/lost. Each of these stages will be called a “State”.

To design a Blueprint, you would simply drag and drop each State into the Blueprint Editor as shown in the GIF below.



Transition refers to the change of State in a process. It prescribes a set of conditions for the records to move from one state to another.

For example, if you wish to move a deal from the Negotiation stage to Discount Approved, certain guidelines have to followed by the sales reps. In this case, you would create a Transition called "Approve Discount" and specify the conditions to be met in order to complete this Transition.

Each Transition you configure will be displayed as a button in the record's details page, as seen in the GIF below.

Each Transition is divided into Before, During and After Transition settings for ease of use.

Before TransitionDuring TransitionAfter Transition
Decides who should execute a Transition for which records.Decides what information should be prompted from the Transition owner in order for the Transition to be completedDecides the actions to be automated when a Transition has been executed. Example: Send Email, Assign Task, Configure Webhooks, Custom Functions and make field updates.

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