Territory Management

Territory Management

Customer Segmentation Made Easy

Define territories based on customer or market characteristics. Set targets and improve sales performance.

Territory Management enables larger companies with a complex sales structure to organize their activities along multiple dimensions. Whether your company organizes sales team based on geography or product lines, Territory Management can handle any customer segmentation. It’s simple. Just map the way your sales teams are set up in Zoho CRM, and set rules to automatically place customers under territories. You can also easily share accounts among territories, identify regions that make profit, plan resource allocation and ultimately exceed sales forecasts, all while offering excellent customer service.

Segment and Organize your Customers

Define territories based on any customer or market characteristics. Set rules to automatically assign accounts to territories, and have the right people working with them from the beginning.

Set and Track Sales Targets Effortlessly

Get a consolidated view of the closed deals and forecast your sales pipeline by territory. Analyze the sales pattern of each territory by identifying territories that are making profit and the salespersons that help achieve it.

Get Insights on Territory-wise Sales

You don’t have to access multiple tabs to gain insights on the sales activities across territories. Use the interactive Reports and Dashboards to get fine grained understanding of your sales and make smart decisions.

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