Bring telephony to your CRM

As a salesperson, you depend on calls to communicate with prospects and customers. But when your calls and sales are separate, you can't measure the effectiveness of your calls and how they influence your sales—or even keep track of who you've called. By integrating your PBX system with Zoho CRM, your team can make and attend calls right from their sales software, and measure every call's result against deals. You'll also have call histories under each record, so you'll never lose track of previous conversations.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Connect your service provider to make calls from the Zoho CRM app
  • Autolog calls under each record
  • Get reminders for both upcoming and missed calls
  • Update call status, and save notes for calls
  • Automate scheduling calls and post-call activities

Single-click dialing

Stop wasting time dialing phone numbers—make calls straight from Zoho CRM! While you're looking at your leads or contacts, just click the call icon to start a call.

Make calls part of your sales process

Plan calls in advance to help stay on top of new leads, whether it's at your own convenience or the best time for your contacts. And your call roster gives you a bird's-eye view of you and your teammates' call schedules, for better coordination.

Stay alert with call reminders

Between monitoring deals and handling tasks, it can be hard to keep track of each call you need to make. Zoho CRM let's you set reminders for upcoming calls and sends you notifications for missed ones. 

Save time with automatic call logging

Automatic call logging makes manual data entry a thing of the past. Use the call pop-up window to add notes, create follow-up tasks, or assign the contact you spoke with to someone else.

Call analytics

Use call analytics to measure your sales team's performance and motivate them to improve. Built-in charts and reports let you visualize your call data, and help you figure out how to provide a better customer experience.

Choose your call management service provider

Zoho CRM comes fully integrated with several popular PBX and call management providers, including Twilio, RingCentral,, Ozonetel, Knowlarity, Promero, and more.

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