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Law firm uses Zoho CRM to effectively manage and assign cases

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Leotta works as an office administrator at Zylker Legal, a law firm that specializes in cases against corporations that behave unethically towards their employees, customers, and other businesses. "New clients usually reach out to us on the phone. They get our number through word of mouth or from our website. We use spreadsheets to record new cases and keep track of them individually," she says.

"Our attorneys take on a variety of cases ranging from unpaid overtime to class action lawsuits. Each case is unique, and we leave it up to the attorneys to choose the cases they want to work on, based on their specialization or area of expertise," she explains.

"The cases that are not taken on by our attorneys are handled by our partner, Ms.Tresa Sweely, who reviews the case details and gets in touch with the client."


"When potential clients find our website, we would like them to fill in and submit a contact us form, which automatically adds them to our database", Leotta explains. "We want to capture all our new cases in a single place so that their details are readily available for our attorneys to look through and choose from."

"There have been instances where attorneys fail to contact potential clients, assuming that their case has been taken on by someone else. At times, our partner isn't promptly notified of new cases and this delays follow-ups," she shares.

"It would help us a lot if we can avoid such administrative hiccups by making the assignment of new cases, case details, and client interactions as clear and unambiguous as possible."


Features in use

First, we renamed and customized the modules in Zylker's CRM account to match their operational processes.

Module customization in Zoho CRM for a law firm.

We then configured a web form to gather potential cases from Zylker's website and push this data into the New Cases module of their Zoho CRM.

Web form to gather and register potential cases from a law firm's website

All the new records pushed into this module are assigned to Ms.Tresa Sweely by default, and get tagged as "New case".


Using a custom view, the attorneys can look through the records tagged "New case", choose the ones they would like to take on, and reassign the cases to themselves. This action converts the record and moves it to the Clients module.

If a new case is not picked by an attorney after three days of it being added to the database, it loses the "New case" tag. An automated email which contains the details of the unchosen case is sent to their partner, Ms Sweely.



Zylker Legal now has a streamlined process to generate, manage, and assign new cases. They can rely on automation to notify partners, minimize administrative tasks, and avoid delays.

Their attorneys have a clear, 360-degree view of all their case-related interactions and client data. Their partner is promptly notified of unassigned cases, so no potential client is left uncontacted.

By tracking communication and case history in their CRM, Zylker can maintain records and documents and back up data as required by data compliance guidelines.

"Please note that the solution described here is developed for a real use case of a Zoho customer. All names, identifying details, and screenshots have been anonymized to retain privacy."

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