1. What is Zoho CRM for Life Sciences? +-

Zoho CRM for Life Sciences demonstrates the different ways Zoho CRM can be implemented for your life sciences business. The demo for this vertical has been customized from the Zoho CRM enterprise edition for the needs of pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. 

The native CRM platform is equipped to support all kinds of medical businesses.  We have more than 500 healthcare and life sciences customers using Zoho CRM for their business. Please visit our customers'  page to learn what they have to say about us.

To learn more about the process followed for Zoho CRM for life sciences from product demo to final purchase, please follow the tabs below.

Demo and Free Trial

Purchase and Support

Demo and Free Trial
2. What can I expect to see in the demonstration?+-

Our demonstration has been designed considering the needs of pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. It shows how Zoho CRM can be implemented to manage medical field sales and new product requests, automate communication between distributors and customers, and monitor your sales performance.

We can also provide personalized demonstration of our product to suit your specific requirements.

If you'd like a personalized demo, just share specific requirements with us and our team will walk you through a customized demo during your next demo session with us.

To get a demo, please fill out the form on this page.

3. Is there a charge for the vertical CRM? +-

We provide a 15-day free trial for Zoho CRM that can be customized for your business. The trial is free for up to three users. During your trial period, you will be able to do everything you could do in the paid version of Zoho CRM. When the free trial expires, you can choose from the four editions we offer, based on your requirements.

To create a trial account, sign up on our Zoho CRM  home page.

4. Can I get paid support for the customized version? +-

You can use paid support for Zoho CRM. There are two types of paid support that we offer for an annual subscription: Premium or Enterprise support. We provide Premium support for any number of user licenses and Enterprise support for more than 25 user licenses. This support is available for all the paid editions: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

To learn more about the support plans we offer, please visit our support plans page.

5. Does Zoho provide implementation support? +-

Yes, we provide two stages of implementation support.

Stage 1: DIY support

We provide a curated list of self-help documents, how-to videos, webinars, and training sessions which you can access from the Resources tab on the Zoho CRM page. You can use these resources to accomplish this basic customization yourself.  

If you require more advanced customization, you can reach out to our pre-sales team and we will be happy to demonstrate the steps to follow to customize your CRM account based on your specific requirements. 

We also provide implementation help documentation to our customers on request. The implementation documentation will allow you to see the steps we followed to customize Zoho CRM for life sciences for the demonstration.

Stage 2: We customize your account for you

We offer end-to-end consulting and customized CRM implementation for our customers as a professional service. As a part of this process, we will work to understand your business and the problems you've been facing and design the best possible solution for you.

 To learn more about this service please visit our Enterprise Business Solutions  home page.

6. What is the pricing model for Zoho CRM?+-

We follow standard pricing for the following four editions: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Each edition has a different range of features. To learn more about pricing, please visit our pricing  page. 

For the Enterprise Business solution, we follow a fixed-plus-flexible pricing model. The flexible pricing is for any additional consultation and implementation services your business uses.

To learn more, please visit our EBS  home page.

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