Zoho CRM acts as a single solution

to run your entire agency

Communicate in real time

for improved follow-ups and goal completion rates

360 client management

keep all your data in one place

Attach deals to clients

manage any associated activities

Run marketing campaigns

and measure them against the results in CRM

Social media management

for your brand and your clients'

The preferred choice of various leading agencies

Omnichannel communication, no matter how your clients contact you

Reach out to your clients wherever they are. Connect any email client to view and reply to your emails. Contact customers over the phone inside CRM with a single click. Understand what people are saying about your brand online, and capture leads from social media into your CRM. Turn website visitors into leads, or initiate a live chat with your website visitors to find out what they're looking for. Get notified in real time via Zoho CRM's SalesSignals when a prospect is browsing your site, reading your email campaigns, or engaging with your brand.


Get a complete snapshot of every lead and client

Zoho CRM is more than just a database where you can store information on all your accounts, leads, and deals. Every interaction (and missed interaction) with your leads and contacts is recorded and saved, giving you a comprehensive timeline of all your relationships. You can also set up your account to assign records to agents automatically, and even assign relevant tags, such as the campaign name that brought in each lead, so you'll never have to navigate a pile of sticky notes again.

total context

Faster contracts

Chasing down a lead can be fun, but doing paperwork... not so much. There's no question that sending quotes and invoices is time-consuming and can even delay or derail a potential deal. Using workflows in Zoho CRM, you can automate your documents to be filled out using your client's history and then sent out as soon as negotiations are complete. You can even automate the next set of actions depending on if your paperwork (like a sales quote or invoice) is accepted or rejected.

quote management

Take control of your campaigns

Campaigns are a great way to reach the masses, but they can be difficult to accurately measure and quantify. Zoho CRM integrates with any email provider you choose, allowing you to set up automated email campaigns for everything from big events to birthday wishes. You can even reply to emails from within your CRM. Zoho also integrates with over 50 telephony providers so you can run telephony marketing campaigns and record the results of every call as it happens. Link leads to campaigns and evaluate their performance with analytics in Zoho CRM.

campaign management

The best CRM solution for agencies of any size and expertise

Public Relations
Social Media
Digital Marketing

The power of now... and later!

With so many activities happening at an agency, it can be hard to keep track of everything going on. Accidentally missing a meeting or forgetting to follow up can be a disaster. Zoho CRM lets you automatically create tasks every time a lead meets your preset criteria to ensure that no account is left uncontacted. You can also add follow-up tasks based on your clients' responses, such as sending out an email if the client misses your call. 

task automation

Portals help you stay up-to-date with your clients

Zoho CRM provides cloud storage to manage all your important documents. You can upload any standard files and set permissions so that the right team members have access. You can also attach documents, such as contracts, invoices, or marketing collateral to each account so that every record is loaded with enough information to never leave your agent stranded.

client portals

A social CRM

It's important for your brand to stay socially relevant, and you might even be tasked with growing your client's brand, too. Using the Social tab for Zoho CRM, you can integrate and manage multiple social media accounts from one place. You can set up listening streams to monitor every time your client's name or relevant keywords are mentioned. Directly add leads back into your CRM from social media and carry on your online conversations across other platforms. Get detailed social analytics to show your clients how much their brand has grown under your guidance. 

social media

Go mobile

Your team members can only meet with so many people on a regular day that it becomes hard to keep track of every important conversation. You can often be working on the go and need access to crucial data from months before. Zoho CRM's mobile app lets your agents take their CRM with them to every meeting. The app even works offline, so you'll never have to worry about being disconnected from your information again.

agencies mobile

Integrates with your favorite apps

Zoho CRM works with over 100 popular business apps. Connect your agency’s sales with the rest of your business process so your agents can have a singular platform to work with.

Disclaimer: Zoho CRM is not an out-of-the-box vertical CRM solution. It is an industry-agnostic CRM platform that can be customized to suit various industries. The capabilities and solutions showcased above are a result of extensive customization, which would have to be carried out by the users or through an authorized Zoho partner.