Keep customers in the loop with automated SMS messages

Stay connected with your customers by sharing important, personalized transactional information through one of the most widely used communication platforms: SMS. Create messages, get them approved by regulatory bodies, and start communicating with your customers about their purchases right from inside Zoho CRM.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Create, manage and get your message templates approved with ease
  • Automate transactional messages for your customers
  • Ensure automatic credit purchase to ensure there is no disruption to your messages

Regulatory compliance made easy

Sending business-related SMS messages is often subject to governmental regulations which require that businesses obtain approval before sending messages to customers. With Zoho CRM, you can validate your sender ID and submit your message templates for approval—all from within the product. Stay updated with transparent explanations about why a regulatory body may have rejected a submission. 


Build personalized message templates

Create and manage a repository of templates that regulatory bodies can approved and then use them to communicate important information to your customers. Build templates for different modules, personalize them with merge fields, and get them approved—all within Zoho CRM.


Make them part of your daily workflows

You don't have to go out of your way in your day-to-day process to send SMS messages to your customers. SMS messaging is built natively into a wide range of automation features in Zoho CRM, so you can send automated SMS notifications to your customers at any time via triggers configured through workflows, Blueprints*, or any stage of their journey in CommandCenter*.

Note: Support for notification SMS in Blueprint and CommandCenter is being rolled out in phases


Never miss out on a single communication

It would be problematic if your messages stopped getting delivered because you ran out of credits, wouldn't it? In Zoho CRM, you can set the minimum credit balance you wish to maintain and how much you want to automatically purchase once this minimum balance is reached. This ensures that insufficient credits never hinder your business from sending important messages to customers.