Get real-time sales notifications in CRM

There's no point in using a CRM if you can't manage your relationships in real time. You need to know when customers interact with your company, so you can react before the trail goes cold. Know immediately when someone visits your website, opens your email, or mentions your brand on social media. SalesSignals in Zoho CRM ensures you keep track of all customer activities—including on third party apps—by bringing your alerts together in an organized timeline.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Get real-time notifications for every customer interaction
  • Respond immediately, straight from SalesSignals
  • Integrate any app and get all your alerts on one platform

Seize opportunities with the power of now

New lead trying to contact you? SalesSignals alerts your team immediately, so you don't miss out on a sale. Your reps no longer have to waste time guessing if their prospect responded—they can simply see when it happens while they continue working. And you don't have to worry about bombarding your team with notifications, as sales reps only receive signals for the records they're associated with.

Get real time notifications from all customer communication and activities

Actionable alerts for quick responses

It's not enough to simply be alerted—Zoho CRM lets you react immediately, right from the SalesSignals panel. When you click on a signal, you'll see the record associated, along with the customer's past interactions. Using this sales context, you can respond or plan out the next action.

Perform actions right from the notification

Focus on the important signals

Filter out the noise by choosing the signals that are important to your team. For example, you could choose to be alerted if someone mentions your brand or sends you a direct message on social media, but leave out getting notified for likes and comments.

Choose which alerts are important to you

Notifications from third-party apps in CRM

When you're using multiple applications to run your business, it can get tedious to constantly switch between them to check your notifications. SalesSignals brings them all together in one place. Just integrate any third-party app you use with Zoho CRM to start getting actionable alerts. You can also build customized notifications for different events across these apps and track them in Zoho CRM. You'll also know if the signal from your app is from a CRM prospect or a customer.

Get notifications from third party applications