Online sales forecasting.

In a typical business environment, the sales operation is dealt with by spreading the total work load into sections and zones.Each section in turn has sales directors, managers and executives in charge of each zone. Forecasting provides a means for analyzing how each zone is performing within the allotted quota and gives insights into what revenue can be achieved.

What is sales forecasting?

Being able to track the actual sales numbers against assigned quotas is essential to managing the flow of activities along the sales pipeline. This gives a perspective on what revenue can be expected from sales for a given time of year, sales person, opportunities or other parameters. This sort of foresight or fore-knowledge of possible achievements constitutes forecasting.

Forecasting is a term that covers a broad spectrum of concepts. In certain instances it can include numerical predictive models, historical analysis or trends. So, while forecasting covers all the formerly mentioned functionality it need not be only a numerically involved level.

What do I gain from Zoho CRM sales forecasting?

The forecasting module in Zoho CRM integrates the data in the opportunities module to generate details of sales targets, achieved targets, closed amounts and amounts in the pipeline. This is generated based on the input of a particular fiscal year and quarter. Make sure to set the correct fiscal year since the starting month varies across different domains.

This snapshot gives a forecast into what kinds of amounts and assumptions increase revenue. Additionally, the sales personnel who met their targets are easily identified. Though a modest numerical index, the percentage quota helps identify the extent of revenue generating sales per month or throughout the quarter (forecast history).

Benifits of Sales Forecasting

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