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Zia is conversational—just talk to her

What makes Zia special is that she is a conversational assistant who can understand commands and requests issued over both text and voice. You can get so much done in just a short conversation with Zia.

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Chat with Zia

You don't have to go digging through your database to find what you're looking for. Just ask Zia, and she'll do it for you. All your data, figures, reports, and charts are just a text away.

Call Zia

If you're on the move or can't type, that's alright. Zia is a conversational AI. Just call her with a question, and she'll either read out the answer or display it. Zia can also record your voice to create reminders, take notes, or update records.

Conversation Prediction Recommendation Communicate

Save time with predictions

Prioritize sales by predicting their outcome

Salespeople spend so much time working on records without any indication if their efforts are paying off. Zia's lead and deal prediction function can tell you the win probability of each record, identifying which ones are slipping away and which seem most likely to close.

Lead and Deal Prediction.

Detect anomalies that could hinder your sales

Zia makes sales trend predictions and compares them to your actual growth. She detects anomalies in your sales trends, and notices when your business either under-performs or surpasses expectations, alerting the right salesperson so they can take appropriate action.

Trend and Anomaly Detection.

Build new predictions

Harness the power of predictive AI with Prediction Builder—a tool for building custom Zia predictions from scratch—for any module in Zoho CRM. Just select the desired field, and let Zia do the rest.

Prediction Builder.
Conversation Prediction Recommendation Communicate

Boost your productivity with recommendations

Know what to sell with product recommendations

Are you finding it hard to narrow down your pitch? Now, Zia can help you find the most relevant product or service that a lead is likely to be interested in. Zia analyzes each touchpoint that customers have with your brand and looks for patterns, helping you write a sales pitch that sells.

Product Recommendations.

Assign records to the right people

One of the most important factors in converting a lead or closing a deal is assigning records to the right people. Zia can now assign records to the most qualified reps based on their history of handling similar tasks. 

Assignment Suggestions.

There is a workflow for everything

In many organizations, there are numerous activities being handled by sales reps manually, that could be automated to save time. Zia combs through your activity history and suggests customized workflows that can automate a multitude of activities that directly impact productivity.

Workflow Suggestions.

Intelligent automation

Zia learns the patterns salespeople follow and makes personalized automation suggestions so they can complete their routine tasks faster. Zia also calculates the efficiency of your workflows and stops you from making mistakes, like accidentally sending the same email template twice to the same people.

Macro Suggestions.
Conversation Prediction Recommendation Communicate

Communicate better with customers

Analyze the emotions attached to every email

Every conversation carries a tone and an intent—whether positive, negative, or neutral.  Zia analyzes the content of customer emails to help you understand their tone and purpose, so you can prioritize emails based on that. What's the intent of the email? Is it feedback? Is it a complaint? Is it a query? Zia knows.

Email Sentiment.

Find the right time to make your next move

The last thing Zia wants you to do is waste time making calls and sending emails that go unanswered. That's why Zia suggests the right time and day for favorable responses from each of your contacts based on past behavior. You can also set follow-up reminders based on Zia's suggestions, and cut down on the time it takes to get in touch with your customers.

Best Time to Contact.

Enrich the data on your leads and accounts

How often has your CRM data been incorrect, out of date, or just incomplete? Zia helps you collect information on contacts and account and helps you keep your data up to date with phone numbers and social media accounts. You can also enrich records with information available in email signatures.

Data Enrichment.

Capture activities from emails

Zia combs through the content of an email, identifies activities such as meetings, demos, and conferences, and creates events automatically in your CRM. Has a client requested a phone call at 5 pm? Zia can create an event and associate it to the designated record.

Email Activity Capture.

Bring Zia wherever you go

Zia is also included in the Zoho CRM mobile app. From simple data to complex analytics, all you have to do is ask. You can even call Zia on your mobile phone to get quicker access to your information. You can take notes, set up meetings, record your voice, add reminders, and more with your digital assistant!

Watch Zia in Action