Put the right responsibility into the right hands

Zoho CRM's enterprise-level security features allow you to secure your customer data at different levels. Assign roles for users, define module and field-level permissions, and control who sees what inside CRM with different levels of data sharing.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

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  • Fine-tuned control on Data access
  • Define your business and shift hours
  • Flexible hierarchy system

Assign roles and control what users see

Replicate your organization's hierarchy in CRM by assigning roles based on the type of user, from salesperson to sales manager.

One size doesn't fit all

Choose between Role Hierarchy or Reporting Hierarchy to optimize organizational scaling, and let everyone have access to the right data.

Record-level sharing

Enable record-level sharing permission for your users, and allow them to share individual or bulk records. Provide the same or different sets of permissions with other members, based on their Role Hierarchy.

Manage user permissions with profiles

Use profiles in Zoho CRM to restrict users from deleting or exporting customer records. Give each team member access only to the functions they need.

Field-level security

With field-level security, secure sensitive and confidential information like customers' bank account details from others. Choose which information appears for which users, and decide who's allowed to edit it.

Schedule shifts for your users

Set up business hours to control the work schedule of every user in your organization. Create up to 30 shifts and assign tasks for users depending on the time zone they're in, or on their shift schedules.

Grant access with sharing rules

Manage org-wide data sharing settings by extending access rights to a particular set of users belonging to other roles and groups. Choose the records you want to share, and control access to your records by giving read-only or read/write access.

Team selling made easier with groups

Create new groups to get your sales teams from different departments to collaborate together on deals. Associate members (users, roles, subordinates) with the group, and share common information by applying data sharing rules.