Put the right responsibility into the right hands.

Your customer records are important assets that shouldn't be shared with everyone. Zoho CRM's enterprise-level security features allow administrators to set different levels of access permissions so they can keep a close eye on who can do what and view which information.

Assign roles and control what users see.

Control what data your sales reps are allowed to see. Replicate your organization's hierarchy in CRM by assigning roles based on the type of user, from salesperson to sales manager.

Manage user permissions with profiles.

Use profiles in Zoho CRM to restrict users from deleting or exporting customer records; give each team member access to only the functions they need.

Field-level security.

Information like deal size, sales stage, and commissions are important things for your sales reps to know when following up with prospects. However, these details may not be required for your marketing or support team. With field-level security, choose which information appears for which users, and decide who's allowed to edit it.

Team selling made easy with groups.

Get your sales reps from different departments collaborating on deals using organization-wide data sharing rules. You can also pick and choose the individual records you want to share with reps; control access to your records by giving them read-only or read/write access.