Plan your implementation


Plan your implementation

Step 1: Plan


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Plan your implementation

Before you start implementing CRM for your business, you need to have a clear idea of the Big Picture - what you want to achieve using CRM? To attain that, you need to identify the path which can lead to the successful implementation of CRM for your business.

In this video, we will discuss the three stages that needs to be followed in planning your implementation: Priorities, Process, and People. Understanding this, lays the perfect foundation for you to kick-start the implementation process!


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There will be numerous reasons as to why you would like to implement a CRM for your Business. So, before getting started, identify the main objective that needs to be accomplished by using your CRM system. These are the small details that you need to identify as you move forward towards the Big Picture.


Every business follows a series of steps that are carried out by the employees in your organization which forms the business process. This has to be identified right from the initial contact, to closing a deal with your customer. There are various features in CRM which needs to be identified and mapped to help seamlessly execute the business process.


Implementing CRM for your business can't be done by a single individual. When various employees are in charge for different stages in your business process, it is ideal to collaborate with them, right from the initial stages of implementation. When everyone is on the same page, the whole implementation process gets a lot easier to accomplish.

What is the first step in Getting Started with Zoho CRM?

Customize my CRM


Oh snap! Before customizing CRM, you need to identify your business objective.

On-board my employees


Oh snap! Before onboarding employees into CRM, you need to identify your business objective.

Define my business objectives


Well done! You have identified the first step in getting started with Zoho CRM.

Who should be involved in implementing CRM?

Everyone in the organization


Oh snap! Everyone in the organization can be involved in offering their opinions, but the stakeholders are the ones who are responsible for implementing CRM for your business.

The stakeholders


Well done! Identifying stakeholders will greatly benefit in implementation.

The Manager


Oh snap! Implementing CRM can't be done with the ideas and the resources of a single individual, but by involving the stakeholders.

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