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Build your sales process

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Build your sales process

Every business, no matter the size, follows a set of stages that start at capturing a prospect and end at closing a deal. This is the sales process of your organization. Each of these stages consists of tasks that needs to be carried out before the prospect moves on to the next stage in the sales cycle. To ensure an effective sales process, you need to analyze what your sales team is doing to turn prospects into customers.

In this video, we will brief you on how a sales cycle works, the various stages in a sales cycle, and how you can implement them in Zoho CRM.


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Sales cycle+

Identifying how a sales team converts prospects into customers will help you design an effective sales cycle. Once a sales cycle is in place, it can help you understand the stage at which your prospects' interest tends to drop, the strengths and weaknesses in the sales process, and the time it takes to close a deal successfully.

Stages in the sales cycle+

Not all businesses will follow the same set of stages. The process will be different based on the industry, the type of products that you sell, and other factors that define your sales cycle. Each stage comprises of various activities that needs to be carried out, so that the prospects move along the sales pipeline.

Implementing your sales cycle+

Once you have designed a sales process, it is time to incorporate it in Zoho CRM. Lead conversion mapping lets you push information that you have gathered from prospects into the Contacts and the Accounts module. The stages in your business process can be configured as deal stages in CRM using Stage Probability Mapping.

What are leads in CRM?

People with whom you have a business relationship.


Oh Snap! They are categorized as Contacts in CRM.

Prospects who show interest in establishing a business deal with your company.


Well Done! Leads can be gathered from tradeshows, seminars, advertisements, marketing campaigns, etc.

Company with whom your organization is currently doing business with.


Oh Snap! They are categorized as Accounts in CRM.

How to map the fields in the leads module with contacts and accounts, and deals module?

Using Lead Conversion Mapping


Well Done! The contacts and accounts will be created with the relevant data of the lead based on lead conversion mapping.

Using Lead Status Mapping


Oh Snap! Lead Conversion Mapping can be used to map the fields from the leads module with Contacts, Accounts and Deals.

Mapping Dependency fields


Oh Snap! Lead Conversion Mapping can be used to map the fields from the leads module with Contacts, Accounts and Deals.

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