On using Kanban view in Zoho CRM.

You deal with so many records in CRM every single day! When you click open each module in Zoho CRM, you have hundreds of records, each in various stages of your sales pipeline. Wouldn't it be cool if you had them all sorted automatically without having to filter for records in a particular stage?

The Kanban view in Zoho CRM shows all your records, arranged in specific categories. One quick glance at it, and you will be able to see how your pipeline looks and attend to the bottlenecks.

But if you think Kanban view is all about its looks, you are mistaken. There is more that you can do using the Kanban view for various modules, that would otherwise take more clicks and time.

Drag and drop leads/deals across stages:

You do not have to go into the record when all you have to do is just update its stage.  Simply drag it from one category and drop it in another. 

Convert contacts not in your CRM database to leads and contacts in a single click:

  • While using the Kanban view in SalesInbox, you can add prospects from the "Not in CRM" category as a new lead /contact/colleague with a simple drag and drop action.
  • While using the Kanban view in Social tab, you can add people from the "Unknown column" as a new lead /contact or associate them to an existing lead/contact. 

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