Some time saving tricks in Zoho CRM.

Frustrated about doing the same operation on multiple records over and over again? The Mass functions in Zoho CRM come to your rescue, letting you filter a bunch of records using a criteria to transfer, delete or convert all of them or even update certain fields in them. Let's look at some of them with examples.

Mass Transfer

Say when George, one of the sales reps, is leaving your organization for good, or is moving to another team, you don't have to worry about all the records that he was handling. They can be transferred to another person easily using Mass Transfer. The best part is that while transferring the records, you can decide whether or not to transfer the open tasks, events and calls that are associated with the records.

Mass Delete

You work on hundreds of leads every month and it is only natural that you'll have junk leads too. Here's what you can do about them - depending on how many junk leads are accumulated in your account, every week or month you can Mass Delete them applying the criteria Lead Status as "Junk Lead". This frees up space in your account and also lets you focus on the leads that matter.

Mass Convert

Say you are just back from a trade show and you have uploaded all the leads into your CRM account. What next? Instead of converting them individually, you can simply apply Mass Convert, enter the criteria as Lead Source is "Trade Show" and convert them all in one shot into contacts, accounts and optionally deals. You can then follow-up with them to move them down your pipeline.

Similarly, you can also use the mass update, mass email or schedule mass email features in Zoho CRM. For more information on how to use them, please click here.

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