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Your CRM data too needs maintenance. Outdated phones numbers, invalid email addresses, confusion in abbreviations, and duplicate entries can add up to a database that needs cleaning. It can be problematic when you have to pull specific data.

In our upcoming posts we will be giving tips that will help you maintain a clean CRM database. 

So here it is - Maintain a Style Sheet.

Picture this. A sales rep is trying to collect customer’s data in a particular region to send mass emails. While the relevant data is generated, some of the records were left out. The criteria mentioned was "Country name is USA” and the records that were missed out had the same country but was added as United States. In this case, we know that both are correct and they are the same, yet different.

When I say Style Sheet, it definitely need not be a complicated one. Simple rules on whether it should be USA, US, United States of America can go a long way in cleaning up your data. 

Another quick example can be the naming convention. In a note, you may be asked to send an ‘Acknowledgement’ email and another note in a different record may inform you that a 'Thank You' email has been sent. Your team may not be able to distinguish between the similarities or differences between these two. So it is essential to keep such terminologies consistent in your CRM to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Similarly, create a list of abbreviations and standard data entry formats for postal addresses, company names, designations, templates, etc. This method can also be followed to establish a standard for all types of tasks. This would help you generate accurate reports and filter records based on the exact criteria. It goes a long way in reducing the risk of human error.


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