Focus only on the notifications that matter.

SalesSignals gives you all the important notifications you need to reach out to your leads, contacts, prospects and customers instantly. This is a great boon, as it lets you stay on top of all your communication channels. But having too many notifications, even irrelevant ones, will only:

  1. Clutter your feed

  2. Take your focus away from what you need to do, and 

  3. Waste your time

Say you're looking to follow-up with leads and prospects who have mentioned your company or brand in a Facebook post, commented on your post or sent you a direct message. But you keep receiving notifications of everybody who liked your latest post. Pretty annoying, isn't it?

Here's how you can save the frustration. Simply go to the Facebook section under Channels > SalesSignals, and uncheck the Like check box and save it.

Tada! Now you will only be notified when your prospect posts about your company, comments on your post or sends you a direct message. Similarly, say you want to give first priority to the support tickets, comments and responses you get from leads and potential customers. Interacting with them and resolving their complaints will only increase your chances of conversion. All you need to do is go to the Desk section in your SalesSignals Settings page, select New Ticket, New Comment and New Response and apply them just to the specific modules that you want to prioritize.

Say your company has recently launched new features and are sending out an email campaign to your prospects, embedding links which will give them more details about the updates. Knowing the click rates of this campaign will give you a clear idea that they're interested in these features and the lead conversion rate would be very high. Select the Click checkbox under the Campaigns section and save it. These are just a few examples of how you can effectively use SalesSignals in Zoho CRM.

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