Reorder items on a Blueprint Transition popup window.

When you configure the During Transition settings, you can mandate and validate fields. You can also enter instructions for your sales reps to follow and also make notes mandatory. Now if you are going to mandate a lot of fields and offer instructions, you may want to do that in a certain order. 

For example, the Negotiate Transition below is part of a deal follow-up process. Here, you see the Notes first, followed by a couple of fields as mandated by the Transition settings and finally the instructions or message to the Transition owner. 

Perhaps this is not the right order. You want the message to be displayed first and then, everything else. 

To achieve this, you can simply use the UP and DOWN arrows you see on the right beside each During Transition setting. If you want to push the message box up, simply click the UP arrow against the message box until it is displayed as the first item. Similarly you can reorder the items as per your needs.  Reorder items on a Blueprint Transition popup window as per your needs.

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