Organizing your Notes in Zoho CRM.

Notes form an integral part of records and play a vital role in your Zoho CRM usage. You can keep track of the status of your individual records using notes. One quick glance at the notes, and anyone who wants to collaborate and work on the record along with you or after you, can easily know the status.

However, each person may prefer to read them differently. While some might prefer to have the most recent notes in the end so they read the list of activities in the order in which they took place, others might prefer to have the most recent notes first, so they can choose to skip the initial notes and just refer to the most recent ones on the top.

You can sort the order of notes anytime based on your preferences.

Did you know that you could even attach documents and other files to individual notes for reference? Say for example, if the customer has shared a legal/privacy document that has to be followed by everyone handling his/her account, the same can be specified as a note with the document attached.

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