Tips on Reports.

Everybody loves Reports. More so in sales!

Reports give a sense of direction to the sales reps in terms of where they stand and what they have to do specifically to reach their target. They quantify the sales reps' hard work and give them the much needed sense of achievement and motivation to push further. Zoho CRM comes with a set of standard reports and the option to create custom reports based on your specific requirements. But wait, that's a very broad, rather underrated statement. Let's see why.

While you might have questions on how your business is faring, it could really be difficult as to how you get the CRM system answer them for you. So I am gonna go ahead and give you some tips on how you can use Custom reports in the best possible ways with some sample scenarios.

Tap leads that have high potential

To have idle leads is one thing. But to have idle leads with high positive score and touch point score is definitely another. That's a goldmine untouched!  Create a report to pull leads that have a good score; yet have status such as "Not Contacted" or "Attempted to Contact". 

You can do this by creating a Tabular report based on Leads module and add filters - Lead Status is "Not Contacted" "Attempted to Contact" and Lead Score > 10.  This report could help bring all the high potential leads that are untouched to your notice, so you don't miss them.

Track deals that need immediate attention

Let's say you have a bunch of deals that are closing this week. As a sales manager, it could be disappointing to see overdue tasks associated with these deals. What can you do about them while you also ensure that this doesn't repeat? Create and share a report that lists deals closing this/next week with open and overdue tasks.

You can create a Summary report for Deals module and choose Activities as secondary module. Select your preferred columns from both the modules to be listed and choose the grouping based on Deal Stage.  Under columns to total, you can choose to view the sum of Deal Amounts. Lastly, add filters - Deal Closing Date - Current and Next Week and Tasks Status - doesn't contain "Completed". 

This could help ensure that your sales reps close the tasks associated with deals that have higher chances of closure. 


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