Set up lead conversion mapping settings based on page layouts.

If your business deals with multiple products or services, you may be using page layouts in CRM to manage the diverse sales requirements. For instance, a real estate company may be dealing in the sale of residential property as well as commercial property.

So the fields in the Leads module differ based on whether the lead is interested in, say, apartments and villas (residential property) or office buildings and factories (commercial property). So you have two layouts under the Leads module - Residential leads and Commercial leads.

This solves the problem of managing diverse requirements in a single module. However, when these leads are converted, you want to make sure that they are mapped to the same Residential/Commercial layouts of Contacts and Accounts.

To ensure this, you can use our layout based conversion mapping.

  • Click Settings > Setup > Customization > Modules.
  • From the List of modules, select the Leads module.
  • Click the Module Settings icon > Lead Conversion Mapping.
  • In the Lead Conversion Mapping page, choose the desired layout under the Leads module.
  • By default, the fields of the Standard layout of Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Potentials are displayed.
  • Choose the corresponding layout under Contacts/Accounts/Deals as required.
  • For each field under Leads, map the corresponding field under Contacts/Accounts/Deals from the dropdown lists.
  • Click Save.

Once you have configured the layout based lead conversion mapping settings, whenever you convert leads, the lead fields will be mapped to the respective layouts in Contacts/Accounts/Deals.

See Also Working with page layouts.

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