Sync Associated Subforms

Business scenario:

Let's look at how subform helps in an educational institution that has deployed Zoho CRM. National Public School, Austin (made up, of course!) has set up Zoho CRM and it follows the same relationship pattern of "Students", "Teachers", "Courses", "Timings"(assume that the said names are Modules in the CRM). Let's say there are 10 students, 3 teachers, 6 classes and 8 hours per day. All these are all interlinked.

Sales data is no different. They are often updated in different modules, such as "Contacts", "Deals", "Products", etc. Hence, it becomes necessary to have many-to-many record associations. Subforms in Zoho CRM helps enable association of multiple data records across modules.

The function for this week lets users sync two subforms in the Accounts module, such that if one subform is updated, the other one gets updated too. Let's say there are two branches for a particular organization. Instead of having the entire organization's info in a single Account record, it's smarter to create multiple Accounts for branches. Hence, you need to associate the Main branch with a sub-branch as well as the sub-branches themselves.

In this function, assume 2 Accounts records, A and B, have subforms each. Every time a row (Account B) is added to subform on account A, the function adds a new subform row (Account A) to the subform on Account B. In other words, when a new branch is opened, the records of the main branch and the other branches are updated. In addition, the information about the rest of the branches are updated in the subform under the new branch.


Getting started with the function:

  1. Go to Setup > Developer Space > Functions > + Create New Function.
  2. Select Automation as Function type and click Next.
  3. Provide a name for the function. Add a description(optional).
  4. Copy the code given below.
  5. Click Edit Arguments.
  6. Enter the name as acctId and select the type as Int.
  7. Click Save&Execute Script.
  8. Click Save.

The Code:

acctDetails = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Accounts", input.acctId.toLong());
subformDetails = ifnull(acctDetails.get("Related_Accounts"),"");
count = 1;
sub_forms = List();
for each form in subformDetails
if ( count == 1)
formacctname = form.get("Related_Account").get("name");
formacctId = form.get("Related_Account").get("id");
info "formacctId:" +formacctId ;
formaccttype = ifnull(form.get("Related_Account_Type"),"");
formacctdesc = ifnull(form.get("Description"),"");
subform = Map();
count = count + 1;
formacctDetails = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Accounts", formacctId.toLong());
formsubformDetails = ifnull(formacctDetails.get("Related_Accounts"),"");
for each forms in formsubformDetails
info "formsId:" + forms.get("Related_Account").get("id");
subform1 = map();
subform1.put("Related_Account_Type", ifnull(forms.get("Related_Account_Type"),""));
parammap = Map();
update = zoho.crm.update("Accounts",formacctId.toLong(),parammap);
info parammap;
info update;


  • For a better process, use the function in a Workflow Rule, automating the update.
  • The above code works only for API V2.0 and not the previous version.

Found this useful? Try it out and let us know how it works! If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask! Share this with your team if you find it useful!

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