Customize related lists to view relevant information.

Let's go to a record in the Deals module. If you notice, a deal record in Zoho CRM lists the basic details about the deal such as the expected revenue, the stage in which the deal is in, probability of winning the deal, etc. Along with it the related lists give all the other details - notes by the sales reps or manager, relevant documents attached, contact persons involved in the process of acquiring the deal and their roles, product details, tasks, calls, email conversations, and more. You have everything! Well, this is not just for a deal, but any other record - leads, contacts, accounts, products, etc.

But say you are on a call to negotiate the final price, the most relevant information you need could be the documents with invoice discounts, the email communication of the past, products that the organisation is interested in buying and the details of the decision makers and others involved in the sales process. 

How do you get that? Here is a tip.

Reorder and organize these related lists to view the most import ones on top. This is something you can do if you have the Module Customization profile permission. To reorder click the More options icon > Organize [Records] Details.

Not only can you reorder or hide the related lists, but also customize the columns in the related lists to have only those fields that matter.  For example, Attachments, Open Activities, Emails, Products, Contact Roles, and Invoices can be listed first. For Products, you can include the fields that have details on the units ordered, its colour, size, etc.

To know more about the Related lists, refer these Help documents:


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