Follow-up with only those contacts who haven't responded to you.

Let's say you're hosting a webinar to generate leads for your business. To promote this webinar, you could be using autoresponders in Zoho CRM to send automated emails to a bunch of contacts, urging them to register for the webinar.

Some of these contacts might sign up for the webinar right after your first email, while there are others who wouldn't respond to your email even after two weeks. So your second email that is sent out as a reminder to register makes sense to only those who haven't responded so far.

You can exclude the contacts who have already responded and schedule the next follow-up only with those contacts who haven't responded to your email. Simply go to the Leads or Contacts tab, click More Actions > Autoresponders > Update Response (of the corresponding autoresponder) > select the leads/contacts to be excluded from the mail list overlay.

Read more about autoresponders here.

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