Automate submission of records for approval.

If you have sensitive data such as discount for deals, or annual revenue, you may need one or more managers to look at these details before the record can be processed further. In such a case, you can automate the process of submitting a record for approval. For example, your approval process rule could say, "Whenever a deal with more than 20% discount is entered, submit for the approval of A".

Until this record is "approved" by the people required, it will not participate in any further CRM processes. It will be locked for editing. A manager can approve, reject a record. If they are uncertain about approval, they can delegate this responsibility to another person.

If you foresee that there are going to be many records with such sensitive data, you can set these in the approval process criteria and automate the submission of records for approval.

To understand how to create an approval process, check out this Help document.

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