Embracing the privacy era:


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We're in an age where the data generated by customers is as valuable as any physical commodity, and organizations are willing to leverage this data for monetary gain.

What stands in the way between businesses going to great lengths to get their hands on any scrap of information for targeted advertisements, and the public's right to privacy?

The European Union's new, landmark legislative framework, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into effect on May 25, 2018, aims to address this exact issue.

From expanding the personal data rights of EU residents, to requiring that organizations maintain records of why they collect data from prospects and customers, how they use it, and who has access to it, the GDPR strengthens the protection of customer data across the globe.

With almost every business relying on some form of personal data from customers, a CRM solution that has built-in, GDPR-ready privacy features is an invaluable asset.

This ebook covers various topics including:

  • Why businesses want customer data
  • The importance of data security and privacy
  • A summary of the GDPR
  • The aftermath of privacy regulation
  • How a CRM can help your organization be GDPR-ready