Analyze high volumes of sales data with quadrant analysis

Are you finding that you need to comb through high volumes of sales data to make decisions? Use Zoho CRM's quadrant analysis to visualize complex data in a consistent, comprehensive framework to identify the areas you need to focus on in your sales process.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Calculate your sales team's performance
  • Identify your best performing territories
  • Identify your best performing marketing campaigns
  • Analyze and prioritize leads

Why do you need quadrant analysis?

Let's say that you have a large volume of historical sales data dating back five years. You need to segment the data based on your profit margins relative to sales to answer questions likeā€”are low profit margins and high sales causing us to lose money? What products with a high profit margin but slow sales should we focus on? Quadrant Analysis helps you uncover these types of correlations while viewing huge amounts of data.

Compare with different dimensions

Introduce an additional dimension in your quadrant charts to measure the impact of a particular sales metric. For example, while comparing the number of deals closed with the revenue generated by your sales reps, use the advanced quadrant view to display each sales rep's icon with a different radius based on the average size of each deal.

Quadrant analysis of revenue generated by sales rep

Measure and compare with benchmarks

Add context to your quadrants by comparing the changes in your data with specific values. For example, if you are looking at the ROI for a particular marketing campaign, you can set a benchmark for expected returns and see how the performance stacks up to your estimates.

Measure and compare with benchmarks