Facts and figures come together for a complete selling experience.

You engage prospects, follow up on opportunities, and close deals. For what? For revenue, right? Be the salesperson who always stays on top of the numbers, with Zoho CRM's Finance Suite integration.

Account for your accounts

You shouldn't have to talk to your finance team every time, to get a report of the revenue and expenses you incur while making a sale. With this, you can send quotes/estimates to customers, check if you've received a payment, or have complete transparency on every monetary aspect of a deal.

Stock up on customer info.

Have customer order info ready at hand. View the order contents, shipments in progress, and outstanding balances for every account.

Stay on track with your expenses

Flights, travel, lunches...winning deals comes at a cost. These costs often get lost in your records. Factor in these expenses to know how much it really costs you to close a deal.

Don’t miss your valuable customers.

Get to know the frequent and profitable customers of your business by keeping track of their subscriptions, frequency of purchase or when they need a renewal. Knowing subscription activity also lets you retain the customers when they slip through the cracks.