Probe your CRM in depth and discover insights that matter.

Your CRM is like a vast goldmine, and you need the right tools to extract the gold. With Advanced Filters, you can run intelligent searches based on activities associated with your records and immediately see the most important information from your CRM.

Discover valuable sales insights.

Advanced Filters let you get beyond simple field values. Search for a range of criteria, from new business with no tasks associated, or contacts that haven't responded to outreach.

Create intelligent combinations and know if there are:

  • Deals closing this month that haven't had any activity from your team. Now you can follow up to ensure you seal the deal.
  • Leads that have no open activity associated with them. Revive a cold lead and close a new sale.
  • Leads or deals that have overdue tasks that might require action on your part.

Add perspective and context to your search.

Choose from multiple parameters to filter customer info and get more meaningful results.

Make sales faster.

Advanced Filters help salespeople find what they're looking for faster than conventional searches. Your team will spend less time navigating CRM, and more time prospecting.

Act instantly on new insights.

Don't just discover insights, act on them. If you find potential leads that have gone unnoticed, take quick action on their records by updating them, assigning an owner, or creating a macro. Get the ball rolling, all from within the results page.