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The Zoho CRM Podcast

Season 3

  • Episode: 8

    The Future of Email Marketing: Tips for Success in 2024 ft. ZeroBounce

    Brian Minick, COO of ZeroBounce, elaborates on email delivery versus deliverability, types of emails, and how bad data within CRM can jeopardize your business. Find out about the latest email marketing rules for 2024 brought in by Google and Yahoo to boost your sender scores, and stay ahead of your competition with better sender reputation.

    Learn more about Zoho CRM’s integration with ZeroBounce here.

The Zoho CRM Podcast

Season 2

  • Episode: 7

    CRM lessons from a niche travel industry

    Darren Burn, Founder of OutofOffice and MD of TravelGay.com, shares his journey about paving the way for equality in the travel industry and insights about the technological divide that exists between airlines and travel agencies. From increased productivity time to an enriched user experience, thanks to customization capabilities and mobile-first initiatives, Darren illustrates how Zoho CRM has changed business for the better.

  • Episode: 6

    Customizing your views with Zoho CRM ft. Chris Kiadii

    Chris Kiadii, CEO & Founder of Atlanta Freshstart, discusses how Zoho CRM has made data less daunting and more accessible. We also cover the benefits of in-built app integrations that deliver the much-needed fluidity required for the real estate and service industries, and dive into how personalizing views within CRM using Canvas has truly redefined user adoption within the CRM industry.

  • Episode: 5

    Building Expert Business Solutions with Zoho CRM ft. Dominic Harrington

    Dominic Harrington, Founder of Cloud Sauce and Author of "Building Expert Business Solutions with Zoho CRM'' discusses how businesses can craft better solutions with Zoho CRM to achieve more profitable and scalable growth. We delve into the how foundational modules such as Leads, Deals, Contacts and Accounts can be optimised and cover real-world use cases, demonstrating the use of workflows to innovate best practices.

  • Episode: 4

    CRM in the Simulation Software Industry ft. Deflexional

    Daniel Ericsson (CEO & Founder) dives into how Zoho CRM has helped Deflexional, a Swedish startup, that creates tailor-made simulation software to keep their business thriving. We learn the different tools that support Daniel with his mission to create and nurture everlasting relationships with these customers at the start and during the pandemic.

  • Episode: 3

    Improving CX with Customer Feedback ft. Niche CX Group

    Debbie Akwara (CEO) dives into how Zoho CRM has helped Niche Customer Experience Group, a customer success startup based out of Nigeria and West Africa, with executing its customer-centric vision. Niche CX Group is Nigeria and West Africa's first integrated boutique customer experience management service and solution provider. We discuss the fundamentals of customer experience and explore learnings from Banking to Telecom industries to see how similar and varied CX can be.

  • Episode: 2

    CRM & Lead Nurturing ft. Infinite Growth

    Catherine Melo (Sales Enablement Manager) dives into how Zoho CRM has helped Infinite Growth, a Sales Accelerator Company based out of Toronto, accelerate their business and win new customers. From incorporating the latest technology for their partners to looking for the most efficient cost-effective software, Infinite Growth is always on the lookout for the best software. We discuss ways we can avoid churn to increase your customer loyalty and how they effectively nurture leads by coming up with effective flows for their company and their partners.

  • Episode: 1

    CRM in Digital Marketing ft. Urban Element

    Natasha Ellard (Managing Director) and Luke Terzino (Sr. Social Media Specialist) join us on our first episode to dive into how Zoho CRM powers processes at Urban Element, a digital marketing agency based in Oxfordshire, UK. From centralization of processes to capitalizing on a family of apps, Urban Element is ever-enthusiastic about software. We discuss the birth and dominance of social media among the channels of communication, and touch upon some interesting facts about email and podcasts.

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