Shift your team into top gear.

A supercharged sales team is the cornerstone of every successful business. Gamification introduces healthy competition and fun to fuel your team's success. Territories and Advanced CRM Analytics mean better segmentation and smarter resource allocation. Zoho CRM has everything you need to keep your team's performance at its peak.

Segment and conquer with Territory management.

Segment and organize your customers and sales teams across different geographies. Easily share accounts among territories, identify regions that make the highest revenue, allocate the right reps to the right location, and exceed sales forecasts.

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Better forecasts for better progress.

Forecast your revenue and assign targets for your team with key information like deals in the pipeline, quotas achieved during the last fiscal year, and individuals or teams that are working towards their goals. Identify the bottlenecks using real-time data and boost your team's performance.

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Advanced CRM Analytics.

Understand your customer life cycle with trend analysis, sales performance metrics, churn rates, and pivot charts. Advanced CRM Analytics makes sure you have the information and the insights to make smart decisions based on customer behavior. Sell faster and easier by customizing your sales pitch with analytics.

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Pie Charts

Effortless reporting.

Manage the way your business is run with intelligent reporting that breaks down key metrics relating to your sales trends, marketing campaigns, team performance, and more. Choose from over 40 standard reports, or create a customized report from scratch in minutes. Measure to manage better with Zoho CRM.

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Use game mechanics to liven up your workplace, change the way you work, and get focused results. Set up fun sales contests with Gamescope, a peer-to-peer gamification feature in Zoho CRM. Every call and every deal closed translates into trophies and badges for your salespeople.

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