Set records with a smart sales performance management (SPM) software

In the business world, there's no better motivation than numbers. Monitoring your sales activity is a crucial step in building a clear understanding of your company's current performance and its future potential. Simplify the process with the right kind of software. Enhance your sales pitch with powerful insights, meet changing industry trends and protect yourself against any adverse economic conditions with Zoho CRM.

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  • Forecasting
  • Territory Management
  • Multiple Currencies
  • AI Prediction
  • Analytics
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Motivator

Predict and plan your future

Motivate your sales team with numbers they can chase. Build dashboards with custom views of pending, ongoing, and achieved quotas with Zoho CRM's sales performance software. Track how a region, product, or team is performing by creating forecasts based on territories or hierarchies. Once a quota is achieved, your sales representatives can access forecast history to see past aggregate quotas and deal amounts. Based on the collective data from your forecasts, set realistic goals for your teams and challenge your star performers with ambitious targets.

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CRM forecast and trend tracking to set realistic sales quotas with custom dashboards - Zoho CRM - Sales performance management tool
Territory Management

Categorize your customers, quickly & easily!

Stop sorting through multiple tabs and contact lists to identify which regions or products are bringing in revenue. Set targets for your sales teams after analyzing their performances, and distribute resources accordingly. Zoho CRM allows you to group customers based on regions, products, or any other relevant criteria to help your sales team gain insights that will inform their actions. Once a contact is associated to an account, set up rules based on country, state, district, or product lines to create a territory that auto-populates when you add new contacts that match your rules. You can manually add any related contacts or accounts if you encounter varied billing addresses or remote regions. 

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CRM user segmentation with territory rules by region, department or any other relevant groups - Zoho CRM - Sales performance management tool
Multiple Currencies

Multiply your opportunities with multiple currencies

Get the most out of your brand's global presence by leveraging the value-add of exchange rates to inform your financial planning. Set your home currency and generate invoices for your international clients in their preferred currencies with Zoho CRM's performance management tools. Eliminate any of the losses or complications that often arise from manual conversions or multinational trade with automation, pre-loaded currency values, and associated taxes. Generate reports and discover insights to create competitive pricing plans.

CRM with pre-loaded currencies and exchange rates to facilitate error-free price quotes, invoices, sales orders and deals - Zoho CRM - Sales performance management tool

Start selling smarter, better and faster

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AI Prediction

Increase your chances of closing deals & converting leads

Prioritizing your leads and deals can often be a guessing game. Focus your efforts using empirical data from Zia, your very own AI-powered sales assistant. She studies every interaction between you and your prospects, analyzing the response time and the stage of the sales cycle they're in to assign a probability score for each lead and deal. This provides you with a priority-based order of leads to contact and deals to work on that are most likely to bring in revenue.  

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AI-powered CRM to identify revenue-generating leads and deals by assigning probability scores - Zoho CRM - Sales performance management tool

Don't get intimidated by data

In the midst of closing deals and chasing leads, sales representatives go through an overwhelming amount of data. That's why Zoho CRM gives you access to 40 different customizable report templates. If you're uncomfortable with lines of numbers, convert reports to useful visualizations and absorb information through vibrant pie charts, line graphs, and many more customizable layouts. Build convenient dashboards to monitor your sales, marketing campaigns, or engagement stats. Just click a button to send this information to a colleague or group of your choice to study trends. Zoho CRM integrates with Google AdWords to bring you a list of the right keywords to optimize your Click Through Rate and get a better return on your investment.  

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CRM with customizable graphs and charts to view the performance of different teams across product lines and regions - Zoho CRM - Sales performance management tool
Visitor Tracking

Engage with prospects round the clock 

Track your website visitors and engage with them in real time through personalized messages. Away from your desk? Custom-built chatbots can handle initial responses, and pre-defined rules for live chat will keep the conversation going. Tag prospects based on the frequency of their website visits to trigger messages. Stay connected and track visitors via SalesIQ's mobile live chat app with intuitive sales performance software. Your visitors will always feel welcome.  

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CRM to track the number of pages visited, time of visit and location of prospects who visit your website - Zoho CRM - Sales performance management tool

Challenge your teams with Motivator for Zoho CRM  

Sales people are competitive by nature but data entry makes selling monotonous. Sales reps end up working mostly offline and wait for the routine report to feed their ambitious spirit. This challenge of CRM adoption is faced by many companies leaving them with inaccurate dates, inconclusive reports and incomplete sales data. Motivator for Zoho CRM turns sales activities into tasks and games to make data entry fun. Sales performance is measured by KPIs and shared via dashboards. You can also broadcast important metrics or games for the whole company to join in the competition.

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Challenge your teams with Motivator by Zoho CRM

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With Zoho CRM, we can now identify metrics telling us information about the health of a certain department, the quality of our leads, and employee performance. We can also identify trends which help us with forecasting.

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Sales performance
  • Forecasting
  • Territory Management
  • Multiple Currencies
  • AI Prediction
  • Analytics
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Motivator