Collaborative selling made easier in Zoho CRM

Strong business relationships are built on effective engagement, better access to shared information, and trust. Leverage powerful customization to equip partners with the contextual sales information to optimize channel sales.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Let partners add channel leads directly into your sales pipeline.
  • Empower partners to generate quotes, create invoices, and track inventory.
  • Customize access to modules and layouts for your partners.

Help partners sell more

Don't limit your partners' role in the sales process to just a lead information hub. Get your partners to add channel leads directly to your sales pipeline via partner portals. They can also tag a lead's current stage to help nurture them across the channel sales cycle.

CRM channel leads, partner leads - Zoho CRM

Allow partners to manage inventory

Grant your partners access to view products and quotes, and to create invoices. Partners can share actionable information from referral programs to enrich your internal team's sales strategy. Collaborate on deals and capitalize on co-branding opportunities to build a mutually profitable relationship. 

CRM partner inventory management

Customize the way your partners view and enter details

Canvas view allows partners to view their list of contacts in a clear and appealing fashion. Provide them with relevant forms and fields so they can collect information. The CRM admin will be able to edit fields in existing layouts or create custom layouts to suit your needs.

CRM canvas view, custom data layouts for partners

Gather ideas and suggestions from your partners 

Give partners more access to product, contact, or lead modules so they can share their market knowledge. They'll be able to view records and contribute thoughts by adding notes underneath.

CRM partner collaboration tool

Guide your partners with the right training

Host web conferences to educate partners about your product with a simple Zoho ShowTime integration. Engage your partners with polls during the session and clear doubts in real time. Share important documents like graphs, charts, and sheets so they know how your products are performing in specific markets over various periods. 

  • CRM stock information tracking - Zoho CRM
  • CRM stock information tracking - Zoho CRM
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Disclaimer: The capabilities showcased above are the result of various customizations and integrations in Zoho CRM.