Zoho CRM + Microsoft 365

Synchronize contacts, tasks, calendar events, and chat conversations from your Microsoft account with Zoho CRM to effortlessly multiply your output. Enjoy the best of both platforms without having to shuffle between applications. 

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Create, edit, and view all your contacts, tasks, and meetings on both platforms simultaneously.
  • Avoid the pile up of obsolete contact information and add new leads or contacts with the click of a button.
  • Bring CRM dashboards and shareable records into your Microsoft Teams account to add context to your chats.

Access and update your Contacts, Tasks, and Meetings at all times

Customize data mapping, or auto-map data, between relevant fields in your Microsoft 365 and Zoho CRM accounts simultaneously with a simple synchronization process. Reschedule meetings, modify tasks, and update contact information on the platform of your choice.


Sort out irrelevant contact information from your databases

Stop accumulating obsolete customer information on both your platforms. All you have to do is check a box. When a contact is deleted in your Microsoft account, they will automatically be erased from your Zoho account and vice versa. 


Add leads and contacts directly from your email

Save time and space on both platforms to exclusively accommodate revenue-generating contacts and leads by adding them directly from your email to your Zoho CRM database.


Feed your channel discussions with context

View dashboards within a tab in your Microsoft Teams account with accessible CRM data. Skip the hassle of creating presentations and make the most of your channel discussions with easy access to relevant information.


Share and access CRM records over chat

Ever wasted precious minutes during important discussions or tasks searching for information related to leads, deals, accounts and contacts? Look no further with the message extensions feature within Microsoft Teams. Users can share CRM lead, contact, account, and deal records over chat without having to access Zoho CRM.


Invite users from Microsoft 365

Convert your team members into Zoho CRM users with just a click. Access your Microsoft contact list within Zoho CRM and select team members you want to invite. Once a team member has accepted the invite, select their user profile role, customize permissions, and get to work in less than a minute. Likewise, an Microsoft 365 user can request the administrator to join Zoho CRM by accessing the Zoho CRM app within the Microsoft platform.