Save notes to your CRM records

Notes are a great way to summarize your observations on customer and prospect interactions and outcomes. By saving notes as CRM data, a sales rep will always be able to keep track of how a sale is progressing. Zoho CRM lets you add notes to your leads, contacts, accounts, deals, as well as sales activities such as tasks, meetings, or calls.

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  • Leave behind sales context at every step of the sale
  • Notes can be made mandatory, if necessary
  • Comes with digital post-its or sticky notes

Add context at every step of the sale

There's no limit to the number of notes that can be added in Zoho CRM. You can add multiple notes to the same record, whether you're simply jotting down your immediate thoughts or creating detailed notes with titles and file attachments. With this information readily at hand, anyone can pick up where a sale was left off, if need be. You can also tag teammates in notes to get their attention for a particular record or activity.

Create notes with tags and attachments

Make notes mandatory to your sales process

Worried that your busy sales reps might forget to log notes? You can make notes a requirement at any or all stages of your sales process using the Blueprint process automation feature available inside Zoho CRM. That way, no new actions can be performed to a record unless notes are made.

Make notes a part of your sales process

Save notes easily using audio or AI

What if your sales rep needs to save information immediately but has no time to type out the note? They can save audio recordings of notes and can convert the voice note into text later. You can also ask Zia to "create a note" by simply dictating her the content, and who the note should be added for.

Save audio notes on-the-go

Digital post-its using sticky notes

The sticky notes feature serves as your personal post-its that stick on your dashboard, and are only accessible to the sales rep who created them. They're a great way for a sales rep to highlight their most important tasks or their to-do list without disrupting CRM data.

Personal sticky notesĀ 

Predefined notes to enhance your sales pitch

Notes can help by summarizing a past event for reference when preparing for future interactions. You can build multiple predefined notes with a set of questions or a sales pitch that a sales rep can refer to when conversing with their prospects. All they have to do is open the note and save the responses made by the prospect.

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