Get in-depth sales analytics on the go

Sales teams no longer have to be tied to their desks, so neither should your CRM. The Zoho CRM Analytics mobile app can help your sales reps and managers stay in control by giving them access to your Analytics dashboards on the go. Keep track of your KPIs, compare sales performance across teams, and turn your sales objectives into achievable targets.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Make data-driven decisions on the go.
  • Keep an eye on your sales team's performance wherever you are.
  • Keep track of your targets and sales quota.

Monitor dashboards on the move

Stay updated on the current state of your business by accessing all your Analytics dashboards wherever you go. Zoho CRM's vibrant mobile dashboards with touch-friendly controls and responsive visuals ensure that your dashboards not only look great, but can also be used for demos, sales calls, or meetings on the go.

Monitor dashboards on the move

Drill down your dashboards to see the underlying data

Your dashboards are now fully interactive. Select any particular region in your Analytics components to see the underlying data behind the visuals.

Share dashboards

Quickly share snapshots of your dashboard charts, tables, and funnels with your coworkers through the native share option in mobile applications.

Keep an eye on your anomalies in your sales figures

How do you determine if there's been a sudden drop in deals closed? You don’t have to wait for low sales numbers at the end of the month to find out. Using trends, Zia spots anomalies as they happen and predicts future anomalies that could arise.

Keep an eye on sales anomalies

Your own personal voice assistant

Zia can fetch data such as records, metrics, charts, and meetings in the CRM just by listening to your voice commands. You can simply ask Zia "Hey Zia, get me the deals closing this month by stage." Zia will retrieve the information for you instantly.

Meet Zia your conversational sales assistant


Sales Managers

  • Yearly/monthly sales comparison column chart
  • Closed deals by sales reps line chart
  • Closed deals by business type area chart
  • Monthly revenue from key accounts heat map
  • Track customer churn rate
  • Revenue generation targets for sales managers
  • Regional targets for regional sales managers

Sales Reps

  • Deals in the pipeline by stages funnel chart
  • Open, closed, and overdue tasks column chart
  • Deal amount by stages pie chart
  • Sales of products by category area chart
  • Win rate of deals column chart

C-Level Executives

  • Team performance targets
  • Organization task performance
  • Financial quarter targets
  • Sales performance of different territories