Stay on top of your business anywhere you go with the Zoho CRM mobile edition

Access important information, connect with clients, and make big decisions on the move.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Stay up-to-date and gain insights on key metrics and sales trends.
  • Record customer visits and add voice notes and files to deals with ease.
  • Access and modify your information even when you’re offline.
  • Log calls and schedule follow up activities.

Seize opportunities and never let them slip through the cracks

Contact data is just a click away. When you’re out at lunch and remember a contact you’ve been meaning to reach out to, you'll be able to do so right away with the mobile CRM app. Look up contact information with the powerful global search and initiate a call right away. Log calls and jot down the specifics by adding notes, or just go ahead and record voice notes and convert them to text. 

contact management app for improved sales

View all your customer activities in one place

Sales reps work some of the busiest, most deadline-driven schedules and are constantly on the move, which makes it challenging to keep track of sales activities. When all your data is easily accessible, you can get relevant customer data, deal information, and contact history necessary to make tactical sales pitches, with one quick look at your screen.

Mobile crm app for android and iOS

Get the most out of your day

When you're done with a client meeting and have some time to spare, take the opportunity to locate prospects nearby, view their organization's location on the map, access the website links, and get all the information necessary before reaching out to them. Check the most efficient sales route to navigate to your customer's location. Check in at the client's location to record your visits and maximize selling time on the road.

Lead management for improved sales productivity

Work from anywhere, anytime

Say you’re boarding a plane after a successful client visit and the person seated next to you shows interest in your product over a casual chat. You can quickly access your documents and briefly describe your product with impressive digital resources such as brochures, videos, power points, and so on. Zoho CRM's mobile app makes it easy to access data from anywhere, at any time. Add and modify customer information in real time, even when you're offline. Changes made offline will automatically sync across devices once you're connected to a network.

Manage pipeline from anywhere, even when offline

Collaborate on the move

Sales reps are the face of the company and every decision they make reflects on the brand of the company as a whole. With sales reps traveling to meet clients and prospects, it’s hard to expect all team members to be in one location at the same time to make a collective decision. With feeds, sales managers can stay informed of their team's progress and guide them with valuable insights at crucial deal stages. Post the status of your tasks to keep them informed of your progress. View and comment on your team's posts and @-mention colleagues to bring posts to their attention.

simple mobile crm for improved business relationships

Stay on top of your day's activities

Plan your work day to stay on top of your day's activities. Whether it's talking to a customer, negotiating a deal, or sending out an email, get an overview of all your upcoming activities. Be well-prepared and informed, and improve your sales conversion rate. Set reminders for scheduled activities to know what's coming next, and to never let opportunities fall through the cracks. 

Mobile crm app for activity management

Work faster and smarter with Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionize the way you sell when you're on the move with Zia, our personal AI. Be it creating a record, changing the deal status, calling a customer, or adding notes, give Zia the specifics and she'll get it done for you.

Personal sales assistant with artificial intelligence

With Zoho CRM's Mobile App

you can connect with your customers when you're on the move, and manage your end-to-end sales cycle.

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