Combine your sales and marketing data to analyze your campaigns

Marketing attribution helps you tie your sales and marketing data together, giving you one powerful source to track all the stages of your conversion process. Understand the performance of each campaign, the effect it has on your pipeline, and focus on the strategies that are providing you with the greatest ROI.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Understand the impact of different channels on the pipeline
  • Accurate attribution of revenue towards the right campaigns
  • Identify and focus on campaigns that yield better ROI

Identify campaigns that speak to your customers

Any lead-to-deal journey can involve multiple campaigns. Learning how each one performs is crucial to perfecting your process. Marketing attribution in Zoho CRM helps you discover which campaigns contribute the most to each stage of your pipeline. This lets you spend your marketing budget on high-return campaigns and grow your "Real ROI".

Identify the best performing campaigns

Analyze your campaign ROI in-depth

Insightful reporting helps you determine which campaigns are responsible for closing your specific deals. You can even determine exactly how much total revenue a particular campaign has been able to generate. The best part? All of this is possible from within your CRM window, so you don't have to toggle between your sales and marketing apps to evaluate your campaigns.

Analyze and measure the ROI of each campaign in depth

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